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Beetroot & Mackerel Dog Treat Recipe

Hey! I love to whip up my own dog treats from time to time to supplement those that I purchase. With Diego, I have to use treats while out walking him as a training tool, as well as some trick training at home to keep his mind busy. This means we go through a lot of treats and I prefer to make sure these are high-quality with good foods. For this Halloween, I decided to try and make some cookies more spooky by adding orange and purple foods. For this I used Diego's favourite, carrot, as well as beetroot. It is good to add vegetables to your dog's diet because they contain many health-promoting nutrients from a natural source. Many of those nutrients are the ones that are often lacking in commercial dog foods, and natural source vitamins are much more effective than synthetic vitamins.

I chose to add beetroot, not just for it's vivid colour but beets provide a great source of fiber and are particularly rich in folate, an important B vitamin for a healthy heart and essential…

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