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Eco-Friendly Dog Products

Hello! I am a huge believer in recycling, and doing what we can to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. In my life it is easy, I have found replacements for plastic bags, I recycled nearly everything, and have compost/Knuckles/Diego for any food scraps. Owning Diego however, is where the bulk of my problem comes in. Dogs are just not environmentally friendly to own! Everything you buy is covered in plastic, or made of plastic, and a lot of stuff just doesn't last long term. I decided to put together a list of dog products or companies that are putting a conscious effort towards being more environmentally friendly. I am not sure if these are obvious, or already known but I love the idea of putting all my knowledge into one blog post. This month I will also be doing a separate blog post on how to deal with dog poo, and another post on human products that are good for you and the environment.

This first one is just a tip, not an actual product but buy stuff tha…

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