The Pooch Pouch

Hey! I was lucky enough to be sent this product from the business owner to trial and review. I state this at the start because I don't want this to effect how I review a product, but I also want that to be in your mind as you read in case it sways your own opinions. I always want to be 100% honest in my reviews, and will not be biased on a product just because it was sent to me. I try and mention both good and bad points in my reviews so that you can base your opinion on these benefits and cons.

The Pooch Pouch is a versatile bag that can be attached to your leash, pants or belt to carry extra things while out walking your dog. This can be used to carry keys, poop bags, your phone, snacks, pretty much anything you may need while out and about with your dog. Before this, I would use a treat bag every time I walked Diego, and just shove my keys in there while walking. Pooch Pouch reached out at the perfect time though, because my treat bag was falling apart and was literally holding…

Labrador Puppy Photos

Hey! A year and a half ago now, I went to my friends house and took photos of some German Shepherd puppies that she had. These puppies were the future police dogs, and police dog mummas of New Zealand and she was fostering them while they were still young. You can see those photos here. My friend still owns one of these pups to this day called Darcy who is going to be a breeding dog for the police force. Now fast forward to today's date, and she has started fostering a new pup called Poppy. This sweet girl is going to have a future as a drug and money detection dog, possibly in New Zealand, possibly flown across the world to work elsewhere. I couldn't resist going to get puppy photos while I could, and trust me, these photos do Poppy no justice on how cute she actually is.

Our Biggest Adventure Yet

Hello! Today's post is super exciting to announce, and something that I kind of 'YOLO'd a few weeks back. In my opinion this is going to be Diego and I's biggest adventure so far, and one that will either make or break me. At this stage, I have no idea what one it will be.

I remember when I was young, maybe 10 or so, I went on a road trip from Wellington to Hamilton to attend the Field days. We stayed at a campground, which was one of the first times I went to a paid campground at an age where I can remember and take things in properly. I saw all these caravans that had gardens around them, or extra wood platforms added to them, and I was in love. At that age, I told my friend that this is what I wanted to do when I was older. I wanted to live at a campground and have a flower garden around my caravan as well. Looking back now, that is a weird and ridiculous dream. There is no way I want to constantly live at one campground, and have a house in such a public area. If a…

Diego's Reactivity - An Update

Hey guys! Welcome to my first real post of 2019! I was going through a bit of a weird rut in life at the start of this year, and couldn't bring up any energy to write or do much really. Thankfully I have had the support of family and friends who have got me through this weird time, and made me excited to be productive and achieve my goals. If you aren't already, I highly suggest you subscribe to our YouTube channel as I am making content over there at least once a week, and potentially will be increasing to twice a week when I can. Also, I post a lot more on our Instagram Page, so make sure you are following that too. With all that basic 2019 housekeeping done, let's get into today's post!

If you weren't aware, Diego is a reactive dog. It wasn't always this way, and has evolved over the years that I have had him. I have already made a few posts on this subject, so if you want the full insight please feel free to read them here. I last left you in May of 2018 wh…

18 Things we achieved in 2018

Welcome to 2019 everyone! It is weird to think that 2018 is over, cause not only did it feel like the longest year of my life, it also went by the quickest. I feel overall that 2018 felt quite sad, that I didn't achieve much and that generally my mental health seemed constantly on the edge. However, then I looked back and saw what I actually did, achieved and saw in 2018 and was honestly, quite surprised. I know everyone is doing look backs at the year on Instagram, and I have too, but I love seeing people happy about what they did in a year. I think it is super inspiring as well as a good chance to actually remember what might have been done in a year. That's why I decided to write this blog post, as a chance for me to remember and congratulate myself as well as hopefully inspiring some of you to go out on a limb in 2019.

Here is 18 things that Diego and I done in the year of 2018:

1. Fiji
This one is actually insane. I haven't travelled much in my life, and the times I h…

12DOC: Ziwi Pets Dog Food

This is Day 12 of our 12 Days of Christmas Posts and I am so excited to bring this final post to you. I will have all posts together on one page, so that you can go through that page if you are interested in reading all of our posts. You can view that page here. All giveaways within this period last two weeks from the day that the post is originally posted, and are only available within New Zealand. Giveaway winners will be announced on my social media and vlog channel. Now let's get into today's post:

Ziwi is a New Zealand dog and cat food company that has taken the industry by storm. I have heard nothing but raving reviews from everyone that has tried it. I honestly first heard of Ziwi through Sara Carson and The Super Collies when they came to New Zealand and were using Ziwi Peak food for their dogs. She swore by them, and made me interested in seeing more about their brand especially since they were a New Zealand company.

Ziwi Peak food is made of meat which is 100% sourced …