Top Dog Camping Product

Hey! When going down South, I didn't really have any true idea of what exactly I would need, and I definitely overpacked. When packing for Diego, I made sure to bring at least one of every type of product he owns including toys, collars, leashes, bandanas, light up collars, clothing and treats. I think for Diego, I did utilise pretty much everything, but there was one thing I had in the car that I didn't think I would use as much as I did. It became a staple in our travels, and I am not sure how Diego or I would have coped without it.

Before I tell you what the product is (although I bet you can tell from photos) let me explain the first night down South. We had been up since 4am, and travelling for most of the day including the drive to the ferry, the ferry trip, and then driving from Picton to just passed Havelock. We had explored heaps of little walks, and adventures along the way, already taken a bunch of photos and pretty much just wanted to sleep. Oh, and most importantl…

North to South Island with a Dog

Hey! Finally here comes the South Island blog posts! Just a couple of months too late! If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can read this blog post that I wrote before my trip on what my trip was all about.

My biggest worry with my South Island Road Trip was crossing the Cook Strait. It had been something that had prevented me from travelling down South prior to this trip, and caused me a lot of anxiety. I wasn't worried about myself, I was more worried about how Diego would handle the trip. He used to have quite bad separation anxiety which I slowly worked on in a home environment and has come a long way. The idea of a 3 - 3.5 hour trip where Diego had to be either in my car, or a kennel in the car area stressed me out. During the trip on the ferry, you are not allowed to visit your dog at all. There have also been reported deaths of dogs on board ships recently which made me very nervous.

With those two options for Diego, I did decide to leave Diego in my car while w…

How is it May?

Hey everyone! I cannot believe it is nearing the end of May already! I know I say this every month, of every year, but jeez, time goes so fast as an adult. I definitely have not been as consistent, or even really posted to Daisy Pets as I wanted to in 2019 and I do apologise for that. I love my community that I have grown, and love meeting and interacting with you all. That is why I want to get back into consistent posting, I want to write more, video more and really interact with you all on a new level for the rest of 2019 and beyond. With that being said, please keep me accountable for posting two blog posts and one video a week! I did ask a few months back on my Instagram what kind of content you guys liked, and really it was a mixed bag, but I did find out that not only do you guys want to read product reviews, you want more personal content as well. So here I am to update you, and then we will go forward from here!

I now live in Whanganui. That is probably the biggest life change…

Books I read while traveling

Hey! While down south travelling around, I found that I had quite a few hours in the day that I could devote to reading books. Generally this would be while waiting for water to boil, and food to cook, or in the early evening when it was too early to sleep but too late to do much else in the dark. In the second half of my trip, I actually learnt that you can download movies and shows on Netflix to watch without cell service and that put an abrupt end to my reading. However, before I learnt of this marvellous service, I managed to read four books which I thoroughly enjoyed and can now recommend to you. They are not animal related like I would usually talk about, but I figured that some of you may still enjoy them. They are all Biographies, which has been my book of choice recently.

The first one I read was New Boots in New Zealand by Gillian Orrell. This book is about Gillian coming to New Zealand to tramp the nine great hikes of New Zealand. I never really knew much about the great hi…

Last thoughts before the big adventure

Hey! The day I am writing this is Monday the 1st of April, and no, this isn't some weird April Fools Day post. It is just a strange coincidence that the first time writing a blog post in ages is the same day that all the pranksters come out of the woodwork.

If you didn't already know, Diego and I are heading down to the South Island of New Zealand on Wednesday for three and a half weeks of hikes and adventures as we road trip the entire (hopefully) length of the island. It is one of our biggest adventures to date, and is going to be also a challenging, character building time because did I mention, we are sleeping in the back of my car. Recently the biggest question I have been getting is how am I feeling, and after trying to explain it to a few people, I have decided to just write it down as much as possible in this blog post so you can really get an understanding for my thought process. This is most likely going to be quite a rambling post, so watch out.

When I first booked …

Small Pet DIY Enrichment Ideas

Hey! It's been a while since we talked about Knuckles and how I entertain him. If you are new, you probably have no idea who Knuckles is. Knuckles is our five year old guinea pig that we have had since he was young. Last year, our other guinea pig BMO passed away which now means I need to work even harder to keep Knuckles entertained and not bored. I have been asked why I haven't got another guinea pig to hang out with him. The main reason is that at 5, getting a baby pig would mean that Knuckles would be outlived and I would be in this same situation again. I also haven't got another adult male pig because Knuckles is not really the friendliest pig, and even though he lived with BMO for four years, they still didn't really get on that much.

With this all in mind, I thought I would share some of the things I do over the course of a week to make Knuckles have something to do. These can be transferable to other small pets including rabbits, rats and probably birds! You m…

Kong Spin It

Hello! We all know that I love different treat dispensing toys, especially some of the Kong ones I own. So when I saw Confident Canines NZ selling this Kong toy that I had never seen before, I knew I had to buy it. Confident Canines has a range of awesome Kong toys that are not commonly found within New Zealand and for a super cheap price. They actually do stock more than Kong products as well, I know that for a fact because I have been eyeing up their treat bags since the pet expo.

Anyway, the Kong toy that I purchased and are reviewing today is the Kong Spin It toy. I don't remember the exact deal I got but it was somewhere between $20 - $30, which is insanely cheap for a Kong toy. I tried to find a New Zealand supplier that currently has the Spin It toy available, but I couldn't find one that has it online. I do know that there are a few suppliers that mainly work on Facebook to show their deals like Confident Canines do. The toy itself is a rolling toy, with one hole in th…