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Product Review: Trixie Nagestein (Mineral Block for Rats)

Hey, this week's review is a Trixie product and this one is called Nagestein. Trixie is a Germany brand and searching Nagestein only came up with this product so I am not sure what the actual word means, but basically this product is a Gnawing Stone for Rats. If you want any information on the brand Trixie, their website is
On the box this is called a Gnawing Stone with Carrot Extract but once I actually got it out of the box I realised its mainly just a large mineral square, with some kind of food mixed into it. The ingredients are minerals, 5% croquettes, 1% carrot extract. It also states it is coloured with EC additives. The composition of the product is:

Crude Ash: 72%
Crude Fibre: 3.0%
Protein: 0.1%
Fat Content: 0.1%
Moisture: 6.0%

I am sorry, I forgot to get a picture of the actual product out of the box before I put it in Nike's cage so I hope from the next few pictures you can sort of see what it looked like to begin with.This is one of those…

Goals til the end of April

Hey team! Today I am going to write down my goals that I would like to have completed by the end of April. I would say they are goals for the month of April, but I am getting a head start on them now so that I can achieve them.

1. Write at least 4 product reviews
Now this one shall be fairly easy as I already have multiple products currently in use by the boys as well as the rat, however I want to make these quite varied in what the content actually is. I have done multiple Guinea Pig and Rabbit products but I would like to get some dog, rat and cat reviews as well. This will be a bit more difficult to get as I only own the boys, my mum owns three cats, a rat and chickens and my partner owns a dog but we can do it, so look out for a more varied pet group reporting on the blog.

2. Reduce Schmutz' kicking
I have previously written a blog post on the fact that Schmutz loves to kick, but this is really reaching a point of ridiculousness. I am constantly covered in scratches and am findi…

Product Review: Animates Treat Bells

Hey Guys! So today I have a review for you on the Animates Treat Bells for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs! Animates is a pet store chain here in New Zealand, so I understand that most of you guys will have never heard of this brand, but that is fine because lots of brands make similar products that could compare to this. (I smell a comparison blog post in the future). This product was manufactured by TopFlight for Animates.

I would describe this product as a bird treat bell, made out of rabbit food, therefore making it a rabbit treat bell. The product ingredients are maize, sunflower seed, kibbled maize, peanuts, rabbit pellets and natural binding agent. Most of these products are in the generic rabbit and guinea pig food available at any pet shop.
My original thoughts on this product were that there might be some more intrigue for a rabbit or guinea pig in this product, over their usual food. I also should mention that I only feed straight rabbit pellets as a staple food instead of a mixtur…

Taming the Beast

Hey guys!
I have to say, out of three litter-mates to chose from, I should not have picked on looks alone! I chose Schmutz as he was the only one of his brothers with blue eyes, the other two had red, and although I don't mind a rabbit with red eyes, blue has a certain appeal. In hindsight though, I would have chosen a red eyed baby as they were far tamer.
Schmutz isn't a biter, and he isn't fearful of people. He will actively go out of his way to see you, and will accept food in the cage so I am happy he is good in that respect. However, he is a kicker. I have owned him for several weeks now, and the issue hasn't gone away and I have received a fair few scratches from him, so I need to sort this out.
The plan from here? When he is allowed out of his cage to romp around the house, I hold him more and feed him 'high-reward' food that he will not get at any other time. Now, its just to find what food he likes more than others, I know for the Guinea Pigs this is let…

Product Review: AristoPet Small Animal Shampoo

In this week's review we are testing out the AristoPet Small Animal Shampoo. AristoPet is an Australian brand which products are for the health side of pet care. This brand is common in both New Zealand and Australia and has a lot of websites which do stock this if you are interested. I did purchase this bottle a year ago, but it is still available online.
 I did find it hard to get a before picture as being a white guinea pig, the minute a bit of sun hits him he looks white even if he isn't. However, above you can slightly see the dirt in his coat keeping in mind that the only markings on his fur are his dark nose and ears.

So for this shampoo, I did find that it worked well. It cleaned most of the marks off of BMO's fur, he mainly just had dust marks from the straw and had come to us with a slight brown staining to the fur so I can't tell you how well it works for tough dirt, or poo actually attached to the fur. He also had yellow staining on his underside, which did…