Product Review: Animates Treat Bells

Hey Guys! So today I have a review for you on the Animates Treat Bells for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs! Animates is a pet store chain here in New Zealand, so I understand that most of you guys will have never heard of this brand, but that is fine because lots of brands make similar products that could compare to this. (I smell a comparison blog post in the future). This product was manufactured by TopFlight for Animates.

I would describe this product as a bird treat bell, made out of rabbit food, therefore making it a rabbit treat bell. The product ingredients are maize, sunflower seed, kibbled maize, peanuts, rabbit pellets and natural binding agent. Most of these products are in the generic rabbit and guinea pig food available at any pet shop.
My original thoughts on this product were that there might be some more intrigue for a rabbit or guinea pig in this product, over their usual food. I also should mention that I only feed straight rabbit pellets as a staple food instead of a mixture of all the seeds, etc. as I find they generally just leave the extra stuff.

When I put the Treat Bell in the boy's cage, they sniffed it, but mainly ignored it so I left them be. I had just topped up their main pellets also. The following morning half had been chewed, but then left untouched and the main pellets had been eaten (as you can see in the photo to the right). I did then put it back with fresh pellets, and after a day and a half, it had finally disappeared.

My final thoughts? I believe that this product isn't worth the extra money as it is mainly just food squished into a shape. I think that this could have room for improvement, and is actually a great idea! It has given me some ideas on what I could do to make my own treats for the boys. However, I would not personally buy this again, and as the boys weren't even that keen on it, I think they would prefer I used my money on more flavoursome treats.

Thank you for reading! 


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