Goals til the end of April

Hey team! Today I am going to write down my goals that I would like to have completed by the end of April. I would say they are goals for the month of April, but I am getting a head start on them now so that I can achieve them.

1. Write at least 4 product reviews
Now this one shall be fairly easy as I already have multiple products currently in use by the boys as well as the rat, however I want to make these quite varied in what the content actually is. I have done multiple Guinea Pig and Rabbit products but I would like to get some dog, rat and cat reviews as well. This will be a bit more difficult to get as I only own the boys, my mum owns three cats, a rat and chickens and my partner owns a dog but we can do it, so look out for a more varied pet group reporting on the blog.

2. Reduce Schmutz' kicking
I have previously written a blog post on the fact that Schmutz loves to kick, but this is really reaching a point of ridiculousness. I am constantly covered in scratches and am finding it unpleasant to actually get him out of the cage as he puts up such a fuss. So April (and a bit of March) will be dedicated to reducing his kicking, and hopefully while I am at it, getting him to be able to eat out of my hand for future training. I will write up a post about this, and tell you what method has worked best, if I can make it work.

3. Write a blog post on a book
I have currently got some books out that I think may interest you guys. They are both biographies on dogs so if one really sticks out to me as a great read, I would love to write a post about it so that you guys can read one too. If multiple are good, you will hear about them all. I think, like goal 1., this will add more variety to the blog and more animal lovers can get involved!

4. Start work towards finding a breeder
Since Daisy's passing, I have constantly wanted another canine companion. I am going away for three weeks in August so I have felt that it would be unfair to get a puppy at this time, only to get up and leave it and mess up its schedule. However, once I have returned from my holiday I would love to get a dog, and would like to have already set up the groundwork to finding this puppy. I know that I would love to get one from a recognized breeder that I have met them and their dogs. At this stage, I will not be looking for a rescue dog as I need to know that I can train a well-rounded and trained dog before I take on the extra trouble of a dog that may or may not already have issues. So this April I want to look into breeds that interest me, and also breeders that I may want to get a puppy off.

5. Purchase some American/Europe products
I think a great idea will be to get some American or English products sent over so that I can trial them, and give a blog post at a later date about them. Pet products here in New Zealand are very limited, as the need isn't huge for a more varied range. Also, a lot of New Zealand products are solely based in New Zealand or Australia and any readers from overseas will not be able to obtain these. I will have to look into what will actually be allowed through customs, but I am sure I will be able to grab some toys and cage items. I am also hoping to get some knowledge on products that are available overseas, and actually are enjoyed by pets, that I could look into getting available in New Zealand, or contacting brands to look into creating a similar product.

Hopefully in April I will be able to achieve all these goals, and also find new goals for the continuing months. Stay tuned for updates on all these things, and a bunch more posts to come. Thank you for reading!


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