Taming the Beast

Hey guys!
I have to say, out of three litter-mates to chose from, I should not have picked on looks alone! I chose Schmutz as he was the only one of his brothers with blue eyes, the other two had red, and although I don't mind a rabbit with red eyes, blue has a certain appeal. In hindsight though, I would have chosen a red eyed baby as they were far tamer.
Schmutz isn't a biter, and he isn't fearful of people. He will actively go out of his way to see you, and will accept food in the cage so I am happy he is good in that respect. However, he is a kicker. I have owned him for several weeks now, and the issue hasn't gone away and I have received a fair few scratches from him, so I need to sort this out.
The plan from here? When he is allowed out of his cage to romp around the house, I hold him more and feed him 'high-reward' food that he will not get at any other time. Now, its just to find what food he likes more than others, I know for the Guinea Pigs this is lettuce!
I will update you all once I have progress, but for now I shall leave you with a photo of Schmutz when he first arrived. If you have any other tips and tricks to offer me, please feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks for Reading!


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