Product Review: AristoPet Small Animal Shampoo

In this week's review we are testing out the AristoPet Small Animal Shampoo. AristoPet is an Australian brand which products are for the health side of pet care. This brand is common in both New Zealand and Australia and has a lot of websites which do stock this if you are interested. I did purchase this bottle a year ago, but it is still available online.

 I did find it hard to get a before picture as being a white guinea pig, the minute a bit of sun hits him he looks white even if he isn't. However, above you can slightly see the dirt in his coat keeping in mind that the only markings on his fur are his dark nose and ears.

So for this shampoo, I did find that it worked well. It cleaned most of the marks off of BMO's fur, he mainly just had dust marks from the straw and had come to us with a slight brown staining to the fur so I can't tell you how well it works for tough dirt, or poo actually attached to the fur. He also had yellow staining on his underside, which didn't fully come off, but it did fade a fair amount. I didn't wash his face, so I can see there is a difference in his fur, from where the shampoo touched, to what it didn't.

In regards to the actual use of product, it was very easy to use. I just put BMO in a sink of warm water, wet his entire body, lathered him up, then rinsed. It does say on the bottle to repeat if the fur is particularly soiled, but we did skip a second shampooing just because he wasn't too dirty. The product foamed up easily, which I really enjoyed. So all in all, I would recommend this product. BMO had no problem with any of the process however, I have not tried this on any other pets so not sure how that bathing process would go. I also haven't tried any other product for comparison at this time, but if I do trial a new shampoo, I will compare them then.
Final photo is a clean guinea pig, as hard as it is to get a dirty photo, its harder to show how much he has scrubbed up. He does still have a dirty face as you can slightly tell.

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