Product Review: Trixie Nagestein (Mineral Block for Rats)

Hey, this week's review is a Trixie product and this one is called Nagestein. Trixie is a Germany brand and searching Nagestein only came up with this product so I am not sure what the actual word means, but basically this product is a Gnawing Stone for Rats. If you want any information on the brand Trixie, their website is
On the box this is called a Gnawing Stone with Carrot Extract but once I actually got it out of the box I realised its mainly just a large mineral square, with some kind of food mixed into it. The ingredients are minerals, 5% croquettes, 1% carrot extract. It also states it is coloured with EC additives. The composition of the product is:

Crude Ash: 72%
Crude Fibre: 3.0%
Protein: 0.1%
Fat Content: 0.1%
Moisture: 6.0%

I am sorry, I forgot to get a picture of the actual product out of the box before I put it in Nike's cage so I hope from the next few pictures you can sort of see what it looked like to begin with.This is one of those products that the animal I feel is either going to go crazy for or not touch at all. This was actually half price at my local pet store, so that is why I picked it up however, if Nike does actually like it, then it may be a regular item in her cage.
Nike's first impression when I put the mineral block in the cage, was one of interest but soon she was over it, and just went back to sleep in her bed. As I suspected, she didn't gnaw into it straight away, nor did she really care that it was there. I was set to give this a bad review but I decided that around a week would be a long enough time to see if she would even try eat it.

This is what I found a week later when we were cleaning her cage! She had actually chewed it! And for one little rat, she had done surprisingly well on it, I would say roughly a quarter had been eating. I was feeling a bit more positive about the whole thing because during the week, I had been tempted to give up and give it to my aunty's rats in the hope they might eat it. Luckily I held strong for the week, cause now Nike got to keep it.

And sure enough, another week later, all that remained were pieces of the block. These pieces are decently sized, but they are no longer connected to the ties that attached it to the wall. I would say another quarter of the block had been chewed through in the week. These last pieces I placed back in the cage, and I think within a week or two these will be gone as well.

Now to the final conclusion on the product. Yes, Nike ate it so obviously she enjoyed it some what but I am just not sure of the purpose of this product. I guess it could be something good for her teeth, but even then, it is quite powdery so once she actually bites it, there is no real work involved for her teeth. There is also the nutritional side of things in which this product has a great amount of minerals. I just am not sold on this product being one that a rat would actually need. It doesn't help that this rat isn't actually mine, so I do not see her enough to make a judgement on whether any physical changes have arisen from her eating this, like better fur or more fuller. I have seen that there is a guinea pig/rabbit version available so maybe before I put my final thoughts down, I trial that one on the boys and see what changes are noticeable.

So for this post, I shall leave you with the fact that Nike did eat it, so it isn't a waste of money but there shall be a part two to this post.
Thanks for reading :)  


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