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April Gone, May Goals

Hello Guys! Another month of 2014 down, and another one has opened up. In this post we are seeing how well we done on our April goals and then making more goals for May. If you would like to see the post in which I discussed my goals for April click here.
To be honest, I didn't do well on my goals for April. I got somewhat lost in where to go with my blog, and how to achieve what I want to, that the goals slipped out of my thoughts. However, I did manage to get two completed, one on the border and two failed so it isn't a completely bad month.
1. Write at least 4 product reviews 
I only managed to publish three, one of which was at the end of March. I have got products lined up that I could review, however I want to make sure that any review I am doing, is worthwhile and has meaning in it so that is why I slowed down on how often I post reviews.
2. Reduce Schmutz' kicking
Key word in this being 'reduce' I managed to pass this one as you can see on the blog post here.…

Pet Store Haul

Hey guys! I have just put a haul video up on our YouTube channel. This is a haul video of all the products we have recently purchased from three pet shops. The products are for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Rats and Dogs so there is a wide range on there. If you would like we can do a blog post for this as well as the video if you prefer reading about the haul instead of watching it. Click the link below to watch and I hope you enjoy :)

Pet Store Haul April 2014 | DaisyPets

Schmutz update!

Hello! If you have read my 'End of April Goals' or 'Taming the Beast' blog posts, you will know that Schmutz is quite the kicker. My aim for the month is to reduce his kicking significantly so that I am less scratched. At this very moment, I am covered in scratches and white scars from where he has kicked me. It makes it an ordeal to get him out of the cage, and quite frankly, unenjoyable. So that is why I made it my mission to change his ways. I will also mention now that he is not neutered and at this stage I am still unsure as to whether I will bother neutering him.
The first few days did not go as planned. He is crazy. I got him out to play around the room, and whenever I tried to get him back into his cage he made the biggest fuss with legs flying everywhere. I would manage to calm him, only for him to bite me!!! I can see why he was angry though, I was stopping him from having free run of the house and putting him back into his cage was taking him away from the f…

Happy Easter!

Hello everyone! Happy Easter from us all here at DaisyPets and we hope you enjoyed Easter and the long weekend as much as us. This weeks post is going to be a collection of photos of the things we got up to this long weekend. I warn you now, this post is going to be photo heavy!

Our first activity was to build a roof for the outdoor area where the boys will be living. I forgot to take before pictures but here we are a bit of the way through. The black framing was already on the house, but we have added in the 'rafters' of wood between these.  After adding all the 'rafter' pieces in, we measured up our plastic roofing, and drilled that into place overlapping each piece til the area was completed.  The final product photos. Sorry about the mess as these were taken immediately after completion. I personally think it looks great, and has withheld against some pretty strong rains so far. As you can see by the last photo, there is still a gap where wind and rain can come thr…

Product Review: Trixie Cat Snack Pack

Hey Cat Lovers! I am finally bringing you a cat related product review. I do apologize in advance to the fact it is another Trixie product, and I am not trialing more brands. New Zealand has a lack in pet products full stop, but also in brands. There is like a couple of stand out brands that are everywhere, and then not much else other brands. I do try and make an effort to get different brands and products but as you can see, Trixie does come up a lot. Anyway, back to the point of this post.
This product is made up of four different treats, in a range of different flavours and styles. Vitamin drop with catnip; Crisbits with malt; Happies with Poultry and Cheese; Happies with Salmon and Poultry. Each comes in its own little container which you can break off from the rest which I thought was a great idea.
My mum owns three cats, but also there are three wild cats that she also feeds and have become quite tame to our family so I thought that I will trial these on all the different cats a…

Searching for Dog Breed

Welcome! As I mentioned in my 'April goals' blog post, I am looking at getting a puppy in September onward of this year. I am looking for a puppy that is from a New Zealand Kennel Club registered breeder and basically until September I want to find the perfect dog breed and also breeder. I would love to rescue a dog, but at this stage in my life, and with what I want to achieve with this dog, it would be unfair on both me and the dog if I got a dog that may come with pre-existing problem areas. I think a future dog that I may get will most likely be down the rescue path, but I do need to make sure that I can raise a puppy to be a well-rounded and trained dog before I look to fix problems on a dog.
For you guys to get an understanding of why I am looking into the breeds I am, I figure you will need to know a bit about my plans and lifestyle. I am wanting a dog that I will be able to compete with at obedience and agility trials, but also be a relaxed member of the family. This d…

Book Review: Boo!

Hey! I recently finished reading Boo! by Lisa Edwards. This is a biography on both her crossbreed dog, Boo; her other dogs and also herself. It mixes a lot of her personal life into the story running alongside the story of Boo and the challenges, and triumphs he had in his life.
My overall opinion on this book was that it was a good read, it definitely is a worth a read if you are into reading biographies on animals, and can be easily inspired by these types of books. My first opinion when Lisa started adding in personal life events into the story was quite apprehensive as I generally prefer my books to focus on the animal at hand. However, as I continued through the book it made sense to have her life and her husbands included into the book and I actually came to somewhat enjoy it. She also added in extra detail on her other dogs which added depth to the story.
I am easily inspired and this book gave me some inspiration to walk away with. What Lisa could train and do with all her dogs…

Product Review: Chicken Necks for Dogs!

Hey team! Today's post is about chicken necks for dogs. I can see this potentially becoming quite a controversial topic as there are so many differing opinions out there about whether or not you should feed your dogs chicken necks, and if so, should they be raw or cooked. However, all opinions in this post, like always, are my own so if you would personally not feed chicken necks to your dogs, then that is completely fine and you can do that.
I got my chicken necks from a stall at a local fair, along with a pig trotter and some liver treats. The brand of these is Pet Care and when I went onto their website I found that they actually stock a lot of different products and you can even get it delivered so I will be going onto their site some time soon to purchase more dog related treats. As for the chicken necks, these ones are not raw, these ones have been dehydrated and are advertised on the site as an 'easily digestible' product.
This is my first time ever purchasing chicke…

Pet Product Haul!

Hello! I have recently got a few new items for the pets and thought I would share what I have recently purchased. This has been purchased at separate times over the last few weeks.

I went to a local fair and there was stall after stall of cool new products. One caught my eye more than the rest and that was of course the dog treat stall. This was run by the brand Pet Care and had everything from pig snouts, to trotters, to ears. There I picked up 100gm of chicken necks, 100gm of liver treats and a pig trotter. I have a review lined up for the chicken necks in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

Rabbit/Guinea Pig
I have been just picking up a few pieces at the local pet store to try and save the boys from boredom in their cage. I purchased a vegetable ball which is made of metal that you can hang from the roof of the cage. I am hoping that this will help them work for their food instead of just grabbing it off the ground. I also got a kebab for the exact same rea…