April Gone, May Goals

Hello Guys! Another month of 2014 down, and another one has opened up. In this post we are seeing how well we done on our April goals and then making more goals for May. If you would like to see the post in which I discussed my goals for April click here.
To be honest, I didn't do well on my goals for April. I got somewhat lost in where to go with my blog, and how to achieve what I want to, that the goals slipped out of my thoughts. However, I did manage to get two completed, one on the border and two failed so it isn't a completely bad month.
1. Write at least 4 product reviews 
I only managed to publish three, one of which was at the end of March. I have got products lined up that I could review, however I want to make sure that any review I am doing, is worthwhile and has meaning in it so that is why I slowed down on how often I post reviews.
2. Reduce Schmutz' kicking
Key word in this being 'reduce' I managed to pass this one as you can see on the blog post here. We still have times when he is kicking, but I have no open scratches on me at the moment and haven't for a while which I think is a positive.
3. Write a blog post on a book
Another win! View the blog post I done on the book 'Boo!' by clicking here. I also have just finished a book that I really enjoyed so stayed tuned in May for that post.
4. Start work towards a breeder
This one is a half completed, half failed. Instead of following the process that I said I would follow, I just realized that I know which dog breed I want so I have managed to pick the breed, now just need to follow up by looking into breeders.
5. Purchase American/Europe products
I did spend a lot of time on this one! I done research into the brands and products I wanted, I found them on multiple sites that shipped internationally. The one problem, shipping. Shipping costs were ridiculous! $70 onwards for five items so with a sad heart, I did have to give up on that idea unfortunately. If I can find a way to ship cheaper I may revisit this in the future.

Now for the new goals for May!
1. Upload a video onto our YouTube channel
I have recently uploaded a haul video to our YouTube channel and found it a great way to get more people to view our content and learn from us. This May I would love to be able to upload another video at some stage so that we can slowly have both the blog and YouTube contributing to the DaisyPets world. While we are talking about this, we do have an Instagram and Twitter which are both DaisyPets.

2. Start clicker training work
I have always wanted to be able to train my pets to do tricks, and also use this as a way for them to get closer with me and vice versa. The easiest way to do this in my opinion is to start clicker training. I will slowly introduce to clicker and get them to associate this with treats and happiness.

3. Have at least ten posts go up
I really want to make this a blog where people can come to learn new things and get ideas to feel inspired with their pets again. For this reason, I would like to aim for ten posts this next month so that there is content available for lots of different types of animals, and also different topics like reviews and tips. I also want this content to still be meaningful though, so if you find that the content lacks with more posts, then tell me and we can work out a nice medium.

I will only have three goals for the month of May so that I can really concentrate on these and make sure these are not only completed but beyond that. Thank you for reading like always, and I will talk to you next time :)


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