Book Review: Boo!

Hey! I recently finished reading Boo! by Lisa Edwards. This is a biography on both her crossbreed dog, Boo; her other dogs and also herself. It mixes a lot of her personal life into the story running alongside the story of Boo and the challenges, and triumphs he had in his life.
My overall opinion on this book was that it was a good read, it definitely is a worth a read if you are into reading biographies on animals, and can be easily inspired by these types of books. My first opinion when Lisa started adding in personal life events into the story was quite apprehensive as I generally prefer my books to focus on the animal at hand. However, as I continued through the book it made sense to have her life and her husbands included into the book and I actually came to somewhat enjoy it. She also added in extra detail on her other dogs which added depth to the story.
I am easily inspired and this book gave me some inspiration to walk away with. What Lisa could train and do with all her dogs, including Boo, was amazing and then add in her own disabilities and background it made it even more amazing. I have always had an interest in training animals to work alongside people for the emotional and physiological part of the being, so it was interesting to read about all these different organisations that Lisa had worked with and what their personal goals were for both the dog, and the person they were visiting.
While it was a great book, it wasn't a book that made me need to read it. I can read a book and then not ever want to put it down because it is so enthralling, this was unfortunately not one. I could happily read it, and did enjoy it when I did finally read it, however, I didn't feel the pull to continue reading it, or pick it up in my spare minutes. This is one of my personal tastes so you may get a different experience to this when you read it.
I do not want to give too much away, so I am going to leave it quite short and sharp like that for you guys. The content was great, the actual writing itself was well written and I could clearly imagine the circumstances by how she had described them. Overall I will give this book a seven out of ten. I would love it if you guys could comment your opinions once you have read the book also.

Thanks for reading!


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