Happy Easter!

Hello everyone! Happy Easter from us all here at DaisyPets and we hope you enjoyed Easter and the long weekend as much as us. This weeks post is going to be a collection of photos of the things we got up to this long weekend. I warn you now, this post is going to be photo heavy!

Our first activity was to build a roof for the outdoor area where the boys will be living. I forgot to take before pictures but here we are a bit of the way through. The black framing was already on the house, but we have added in the 'rafters' of wood between these.
 After adding all the 'rafter' pieces in, we measured up our plastic roofing, and drilled that into place overlapping each piece til the area was completed.
 The final product photos. Sorry about the mess as these were taken immediately after completion. I personally think it looks great, and has withheld against some pretty strong rains so far. As you can see by the last photo, there is still a gap where wind and rain can come through. We are looking into what we can do with this that will be effective and still look good.

 How cute is this! Nike and a mini egg! Don't worry, I had to bite the top off the egg, and then she only done a few nibbles for these photos and then ignored it. Such a great Easter photo in my opinion. 

Cute flowers that have been popping up randomly around the backyard. Made it feel so spring'y even though we are getting into winter here :(
 I was left house sitting for my mum this weekend as she went away for the long weekend so I was left feeding all six cats. Here is a snap I got of two of the strays eating their breakfast on Easter morning. 

 For the boys on Easter, since they cannot enjoy the delights of chocolate I made them a silverbeet ball filled with a tomato and carrot. This was my first time using this metal ball with the boys, but I will be doing it again cause they loved it and you could tell it was a challenge for them to get the vegetables. I am going to fill it with hay in the morning and see if they enjoy it as much. 

 After this Schmutz gave up, so I had to make it easier and put it on the side of the cage for his first time. Once he is more used to it though, I will hang it from the roof.

BMO even came out to give it a go! This was actually Schmutz' ball and BMO got to share which was nice, but I did make BMO his own ball when Schmutz was out on floor time. For his, I just placed the ball quite low down, pretty much touching the floor. I didn't get photos unfortunately! 

 I am thinking that you will be catching a theme in this post, and that is I often forget to take photos of things. On Easter Monday it was fantastic weather so we took the dogs down to the beach. However, I didn't take my camera so we only have after photos! Next time we go down together, I will bring my camera. 

 Bath time for the dogs to get all the sand off! As you can see, Rocket is enjoying the shower.

However, Asha has other ideas of fun! He looks so sad in these photos :(

That is all from us this week, but we did go shopping during the long weekend so stayed tuned for a blog post and video of the haul that we got within the next week. Thank you so much for reading :)


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