Pet Product Haul!

Hello! I have recently got a few new items for the pets and thought I would share what I have recently purchased. This has been purchased at separate times over the last few weeks.

I went to a local fair and there was stall after stall of cool new products. One caught my eye more than the rest and that was of course the dog treat stall. This was run by the brand Pet Care and had everything from pig snouts, to trotters, to ears. There I picked up 100gm of chicken necks, 100gm of liver treats and a pig trotter. I have a review lined up for the chicken necks in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

Rabbit/Guinea Pig
I have been just picking up a few pieces at the local pet store to try and save the boys from boredom in their cage. I purchased a vegetable ball which is made of metal that you can hang from the roof of the cage. I am hoping that this will help them work for their food instead of just grabbing it off the ground. I also got a kebab for the exact same reason, that it makes it a bit more entertaining for them to be getting vegetables off of the kebab. To go with the kebab I picked up a salt savory, that has a whole in it just to stick it straight on the kebab and also grabbed some music chews which are just solid wood chews in the shape of musical instruments. Lastly for the boys I picked up a carrot toy made out of cornhusk. I have never really bought toys for the boys so this will be a cool experiment to see if they actually play with or bite it.
The great thing about the products that I got for the boys, I can also swap and change the things with the rat cage to entertain him as well.

I am looking at making an order from some overseas stores shortly so stayed tuned for an unboxing when those items come in! I just first need to make sure they don't get stopped at customs before I get them.
Thanks for reading!


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