Product Review: Chicken Necks for Dogs!

Hey team! Today's post is about chicken necks for dogs. I can see this potentially becoming quite a controversial topic as there are so many differing opinions out there about whether or not you should feed your dogs chicken necks, and if so, should they be raw or cooked. However, all opinions in this post, like always, are my own so if you would personally not feed chicken necks to your dogs, then that is completely fine and you can do that.
I got my chicken necks from a stall at a local fair, along with a pig trotter and some liver treats. The brand of these is Pet Care and when I went onto their website I found that they actually stock a lot of different products and you can even get it delivered so I will be going onto their site some time soon to purchase more dog related treats. As for the chicken necks, these ones are not raw, these ones have been dehydrated and are advertised on the site as an 'easily digestible' product.
This is my first time ever purchasing chicken necks although I have been wanting to get my hands on some for a while now. I was quite surprised by them, for some reason I was imagining them to be a bit bigger, which I am not sure why. For this reason, I wouldn't recommend these as sole training treats because for a little dog these are more than one chew. I also could easily break these in half, I would compare them to a biscuit as they seem to have a crunchy consistency but are slightly hollow. They have quite a strong odour, not as strong as a pig trotter, etc, but they do have a scent so if you are sensitive to smells, or prefer to have an odourless treat, I would not recommend these.
We all know that my thoughts are not the ones that actually matter, it is the dogs! I gave these to my partners Miniature Schnauzer and his mothers Boxer cross Great Dane to see what they would think!
I am happy to say, they loved them. The Miniature Schnauzer has a short attention span at the best of times, but the minute he tried one of these he was hooked. He was also showing off all his tricks for one of these, so for him I would give them an eight and a half out of ten. The only downside to the necks, is that they are not bite sized enough for a little dog to use as training. Also, because they are quite crumbly and break apart, bits of them are left over the floor until the dog decides to lick them up. I have thought about pre-breaking them into smaller pieces for training, but before I knew it, the whole bag was gone, so I never got to try this. Once I get some more, which I will, I will do a quick update over on my instagram with the ideals of training with them.
Now, for the Boxer crossed Great Dane. We all know the dogs that would eat everything in the home if they were allowed, that describes Rocket to a T. He will literally chew through anything if he wanted to, and would enjoy the whole experience of it as well. So using him as a test dog doesn't really mean much, but I will say that he loved them as much as Asha. The major difference between them however, is size. While Asha got his everywhere and had to chew quite a bit, Rocket could just eat his straight, no mess, and not a long time of chewing. Still I think it might be a bit big for training, but a great treat for getting their attention or a high reward treat.
My opinion, I would repurchase this. In the end, if I am happy to repurchase an item, it must mean it stood out to me. I think next time I purchase some, I might trial a different version of the necks so possibly raw and see if I get the same results from the dogs. For dehydrated though, I think it is something that if you own a dog you should at least try once as they do really enjoy them and they are pretty inexpensive. As always, thanks for reading!


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