Product Review: Trixie Cat Snack Pack

Hey Cat Lovers! I am finally bringing you a cat related product review. I do apologize in advance to the fact it is another Trixie product, and I am not trialing more brands. New Zealand has a lack in pet products full stop, but also in brands. There is like a couple of stand out brands that are everywhere, and then not much else other brands. I do try and make an effort to get different brands and products but as you can see, Trixie does come up a lot. Anyway, back to the point of this post.
This product is made up of four different treats, in a range of different flavours and styles. Vitamin drop with catnip; Crisbits with malt; Happies with Poultry and Cheese; Happies with Salmon and Poultry. Each comes in its own little container which you can break off from the rest which I thought was a great idea.
From far left: Catnip Vitamin Drop, Crisbit,
Happies with Salmon and Poultry, Happies
with Poultry and Cheese.
My mum owns three cats, but also there are three wild cats that she also feeds and have become quite tame to our family so I thought that I will trial these on all the different cats as this will give you guys a more broad knowledge on whether all cats like it, or only certain cats. My first attempt at trialing these didn't work out too well. Most of the cats had better things to do than deal with my shoving different treats in their faces. I did work out from that first attempt that most cats favoured the 'Happies' and that the Vitamin drop with catnip was just too hard for cats to eat. One cat chewed on this for a bit, before leaving it on the ground, while the only other cat that even wanted to attempt it, couldn't even chew into it. As for the Happies, out of the six cats, four ate atleast one of the Happies and three ate both. Only one cat ate the Crisbit.
Over the next few trials, the opinions didn't change much. The cats loved the Happies, and the other two types were ignored apart from a sniff here and there. I have tried to get the cats to enjoy the other two but they know its not really to their liking and will drop it out of their mouth if they accidentally eat one. I am not sure as to why this is as I thought all cats loved catnip and go crazy for it! Maybe the consistency is wrong in the drop, or the vitamins over power the actual taste of catnip. I can kind of see why they didn't go for the Crisbit as this was an odd idea, and looked more of a cereal treat for a dog rather than a cat. The one cat that did eat this, was quite happy to eat anything and did try his hardest to enjoy the vitamin drop as well.
The Happies were good, the cats actually ate them which is a positive thing. They weren't crazy for them though, just ate them cause they could and weren't overly excited by the idea of them.
The wild cats during testing time

My final thoughts are mixed. Half the box was decent and half was awful. I find that they were quite rubbery and fake which might have been a part of the reason as to why the cats were not too interested. I have not tried other cat treats so I am not sure if this is an across the board texture for their treats. There was a lot of room for improvement in these, even with the ones that the cats did enjoy. I think that the idea of multiple treats in the one container was great, and the way the packaging was designed was really cool, with the break apart containers. I have to say, I would not purchase this product again, however if the Happies came in a separate bag of there own, I could potentially see myself getting them to try again on the cats.
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