Searching for Dog Breed

Welcome! As I mentioned in my 'April goals' blog post, I am looking at getting a puppy in September onward of this year. I am looking for a puppy that is from a New Zealand Kennel Club registered breeder and basically until September I want to find the perfect dog breed and also breeder. I would love to rescue a dog, but at this stage in my life, and with what I want to achieve with this dog, it would be unfair on both me and the dog if I got a dog that may come with pre-existing problem areas. I think a future dog that I may get will most likely be down the rescue path, but I do need to make sure that I can raise a puppy to be a well-rounded and trained dog before I look to fix problems on a dog.
For you guys to get an understanding of why I am looking into the breeds I am, I figure you will need to know a bit about my plans and lifestyle. I am wanting a dog that I will be able to compete with at obedience and agility trials, but also be a relaxed member of the family. This dog will need to get acquainted with all sorts of animals that I own and also another dog. I am an active person and would be wanting to go on many walks, adventures and runs with this dog. I do work full time so this dog will need to be able to be at home alone for periods of time, which shouldn't be too long as my partner works different hours to me. During these times that I am away he will have plenty of enrichment in the form of bones, toys and another dog.
I am currently have quite a long list with dog breeds that I would be interested in, so I am hoping to slowly work out which dog would suit me best, and also a breeder that I can trust and believe in. I currently am looking at the working dog breeds like Border Collie, Australian Shepherds and Australian Cattle Dogs but am also a fan of hunting breeds like Pointers and Setters.
So my plan to actually work out all of the above:
1. Read up on each dog breed I am interested in and write up a pros and cons list.
2. From the pros and cons list, narrow my dog breeds down to a few.
3. Start contacting breeders of the few breeds I have narrowed my list down to.
4. Visit the breeders I am interested in and discuss everything in regards to a puppy with them.
5. Choose my breeder and with that, my breed!
I do have several months to do this over, so I will probably have regular contact with breeders and visit them multiple times before I finally decide. For each step, I will update you guys with my progress and how I am getting on. You will hear from me within the next month on my pros and cons list!

Thanks for reading :)


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