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Exciting News!

Hello everyone! If you follow me on instagram ( you would already know, but I have some exciting news. I have finally found a new house and will be moving into it with my boyfriend this weekend. This will mean that unfortunately my rat and cat posts will become infrequent as I will no longer be living with them. I will keep up on regular Missy's disease blog posts however, as I will still be visiting my mother's home at least once a week and will get updates and photos from her.
Instead of those posts will be replaced with more DOG posts! I am moving in with a Miniature Schnauzer by the name of Asha who is my partners dog. He has featured before on my Easter blog post, but now he will get more of the spotlight. This means that you dog owners and lovers out there will get to see more posts featuring him trialing out new products, training posts and also showing what some of our favourite products are. These will be in conjunction with the posts I hav…

Missy Update: Feline Plasma Cell Pododermatitis Week Two

Hey! I thought today I would bring you an update on Missy who has been diagnosed with Feline Plasma Cell Pododermatitis alternatively known as Pillow Foot. You can see the diagnosis blog here. I have a few photos, but she is a hard cat to get a photo of her face, let alone her feet. 
So first off, I am going to try and explain what she has in a bit more depth. It is not a very well understood disease, vets have tried to understand it a bit more but its still in early stages. What is happening is that Missy's antibodies are being severely being reproduced and this in turn makes the pads swollen. The reason why this suddenly happens, no one really knows but there is a link between Pillow Foot and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). Unfortunately, I only found out after leaving the vets office, so haven't had a discussion around this with our vet but we will do this at the one month re-examination. For whatever reason, it affects all paws, and can affect other parts of a cat, but…

PILATM: Wire Vegetable Ball

Hey guys! I am going to start a new series on this blog called PILATM which stands for Product I love at the moment. This will mean you all will get an insight into a product I use regularly, or when I do use it, I enjoy it heaps. The difference between this type of post and my product reviews are that these are well tested, they have been used a lot, or have been repurchased multiple times. These are the products that I would not be able to live without now that I have found them. I find these types of posts the best for deciding on new products to buy for any of my animals as it means it has been well tested, and they still enjoy the product.
Today, my PILATM is my 'Wire Vegetable Ball' that I got in one of my hauls awhile back. This product I have been using every second day, if not every day. I am not too sure what the particular brand for my one is, however I have seen the heaps of brands do this type of thing, if not something very similar. It is such a simple idea, but m…

Product Review: Critter Toys Corn-E-Carrot

Hey team! In my haul post a while back (which you can view here), I mentioned that I got this carrot toy and that it is the first time I have bought a toy for rabbits as generally I have believed they wouldn't play with one. This one I picked up is by the brand Critter Ware but this toy I believe is part of the Critter Toys range. This particular toy was made in China, but I believe the actual brand has originated from USA. In regards to the the toy, it is made out of natural sun-dried corn leaf materials and can be used for all small animals.
I gave this to the boys and they immediately started fighting over it, which is a big deal for BMO because he is quite a quiet pig. Schmutz ate off all the green 'grass' part of the toy within the first five minutes. Since then, it has been in the cage for about a week, and while I don't often see them playing with it, I occasionally see Schmutz throwing it around the cage. There is also chew marks over the carrot where he has ob…

Book Review: The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary

Hey guys. Recently I read a book that touched me far more than most books do. I am easily influenced by books and movies, so after reading or watching something I always have a new passion, or want in my life however, this book was even more gripping on me. Throughout this book I both laughed and cried, and it gave me a great insight into something that I knew nothing about. This book is about Chimpanzee's that were in labs getting hundreds of different procedures and drugs shoved at them and how they got to their retirement and sanctuary at Fauna Sanctuary.
First off, I would like to give a huge congratulations to the writer Andrew Westoll for being able to convey his and everyone around him's feelings. Not many writers can do this with such an insight as Andrew has done. I don't think this book could have been written by anyone else and still portrayed such a chilling and memorable story. I also think that it was great of him to actually live at the sanctuary for multipl…

Feline Plasma Cell Pododermatitis

Hey everyone! I had planned to do a book review for today's post however I have decided to update you all on the latest happenings at our house. Last night, when all the cats came home for their dinner we noticed that one of our cats was leaving blood marks where ever she walked. The cat leaving these marks was Missy.
Let me explain a bit about her before we continue. I got Missy for mum as a Mother's Day present in 2010. She was a kitten that one of my friends cats had given birth to, but these people were not very aware of basic animal needs so I essentially rescued her as when we got her home she was so skinny and starving. Since then, she has been a very flighty cat, fiercely independent and hasn't really ever gained weight. When moving houses, she stayed inside for two weeks, and then one day didn't return for two months. She had been living in the native bush behind our house for the whole time. Now days, she will come home for breakfast and dinner, have a quick s…