Exciting News!

Hello everyone! If you follow me on instagram (www.instagram.com/daisypets) you would already know, but I have some exciting news. I have finally found a new house and will be moving into it with my boyfriend this weekend. This will mean that unfortunately my rat and cat posts will become infrequent as I will no longer be living with them. I will keep up on regular Missy's disease blog posts however, as I will still be visiting my mother's home at least once a week and will get updates and photos from her.
Instead of those posts will be replaced with more DOG posts! I am moving in with a Miniature Schnauzer by the name of Asha who is my partners dog. He has featured before on my Easter blog post, but now he will get more of the spotlight. This means that you dog owners and lovers out there will get to see more posts featuring him trialing out new products, training posts and also showing what some of our favourite products are. These will be in conjunction with the posts I have about the boys and their likes and dislikes.
I am sorry that this weeks post is only an update but I am so busy packing, and getting ready for this move that we have not been trialing new products, or have much time to get photos for a blog post. I hope you all understand. I will try and do a moving in post on everything we done for the move and the new house for them later on. Plus, this will be the first time that Asha would have lived with the boys so we will get some footage of those introductions for that post.
Til then, thank you for reading :)


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