Feline Plasma Cell Pododermatitis

Hey everyone! I had planned to do a book review for today's post however I have decided to update you all on the latest happenings at our house. Last night, when all the cats came home for their dinner we noticed that one of our cats was leaving blood marks where ever she walked. The cat leaving these marks was Missy.
Let me explain a bit about her before we continue. I got Missy for mum as a Mother's Day present in 2010. She was a kitten that one of my friends cats had given birth to, but these people were not very aware of basic animal needs so I essentially rescued her as when we got her home she was so skinny and starving. Since then, she has been a very flighty cat, fiercely independent and hasn't really ever gained weight. When moving houses, she stayed inside for two weeks, and then one day didn't return for two months. She had been living in the native bush behind our house for the whole time. Now days, she will come home for breakfast and dinner, have a quick sleep on a bed, and then leave again for the rest of the day/night.
Back to last night now, so we managed to pick her up and have a look and her two back paws had been ripped open so you could see the inner flesh of the pad. As you can see by the pictures (I took these today, not when we were rushing to the vet. When we first saw her, the red part was actually inflamed and sticking out of her pad like a second one, instead of squished down. I think this is due to her freshly walking around on them, whereas the photo she has been in a crate) it looks extremely painful, so we immediately rushed her to our after hours vet. He just took a look at all her paws, including her front ones and told us that it was  feline plasma cell pododermatitis or puffy foot. He said to get an 100% accurate diagnosis we would need to do a pad biopsy but he said all symptoms lead to puffy foot. Her front pads were large and squishy, and the back were the same but the skin has actually ripped. Based on how bad those back pads could have got, he was quite relieved as the tissue that was coming out was very healthy.
This is her front pad, see how puffy it is.
Medication time. She was given a worming tablet as it saves us having to try and do this! She is one of those cats that knows every trick to not swallow a pill. She was also given a steroid shot which will last 4 weeks and save us having to try and put a pill into her twice a day. Lastly, she got antibiotics which we can crush up into wet food to feed her. She will be on the antibiotics for a month as well. During this time, she will need to be crated or at least just stuck in the house. We are hoping to keep her in the crate til the sores clear over and then we will have her just as a house cat til we see dramatic improvement.
After the month we will need to go back for another steroid shot, and depending on how well her paws are looking, potentially another month on antibiotics. This whole disease is a waiting game, after this treatment she may come out of it and never get symptoms of the disease again, or she will need to be on some form of medication for the rest of her life, or this medication she is currently on will not fix her feet and we will need to look into other treatments.
In the next week I am going to really study up on this disease and find out as much as I can about it as I have never heard of this before. I will do a blog post at some stage on my findings, but will also keep you all updated on her progress. Thanks for reading :)


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