Missy Update: Feline Plasma Cell Pododermatitis Week Two

Hey! I thought today I would bring you an update on Missy who has been diagnosed with Feline Plasma Cell Pododermatitis alternatively known as Pillow Foot. You can see the diagnosis blog here. I have a few photos, but she is a hard cat to get a photo of her face, let alone her feet. 
You can see how much she dislikes any human touch.
Look at those eyes!
So first off, I am going to try and explain what she has in a bit more depth. It is not a very well understood disease, vets have tried to understand it a bit more but its still in early stages. What is happening is that Missy's antibodies are being severely being reproduced and this in turn makes the pads swollen. The reason why this suddenly happens, no one really knows but there is a link between Pillow Foot and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). Unfortunately, I only found out after leaving the vets office, so haven't had a discussion around this with our vet but we will do this at the one month re-examination. For whatever reason, it affects all paws, and can affect other parts of a cat, but in Missy's case it seems to be only her paws. 
Now onto what has been happening with her. She has been crate bound for the past two weeks, and I thought she was going to hate it. How wrong was I! We will let her out every second day for a run around, however she will stay out for half an hour at most and then we will find her back in her crate, curled up. I think she enjoys the fact that no one disturbs her in there, humans and cats alone as she is a very timid cat. 
This was taken the following morning after the vet visit.
Two back paws on the left, front paw on the right.
Also since being in the crate she has put on a lot of weight in a good way. She weighed in at 2.5kgs (5.5lbs) when we first went to the vet, now I think she would be nearer to the 3.5kg (7.7lbs) mark. She is getting a packet of wet food in the morning with her antibiotic pill mixed in with it, and then some dry food at night. Before being crated, she was so skittish around everyone that she wouldn't eat for long before scurrying away so now she gets her full food allocation. Plus, there is always an extra cat face around her cage, staring longingly at the wet food which they don't get!
This was taken on Friday of the first week.
Two back paws on left, front paw on right.
This was taken on Tuesday of week two.
Both back paws. 
In regards to her feet, there isn't much change unfortunately. Her back feet have scabbed over, but keep ripping in new areas and the inner flesh will come out again. This causes the bleeding and I can imagine it is extremely painful! Her front ones have become like deflated balloons now, still weird consistency and no where near what they should be, but much better than what they first were when they were so swollen they were hard. She does put more pressure on the feet now, and doesn't seem to be in too much pain until the next one rips a bit. I am not sure if she is responding to the medication or not (It is a 50/50 chance that a cat will respond, and even then it takes months). I guess it is early days but I am so used to medication working quickly that to me, it seems like its not. We have our check in, in another two weeks, so I will do another update then, including what our vet has to say. I haven't got any photos from the rest of week two, I am sorry. It has been very poor weather and the photos I did take, the lighting on them was so awful that it just looked like a black mess. I will try and get some more photos tomorrow for the next update post. Til then, I dare you to try and take decent photos of your cats paws, it is a task and a half! 
Thanks for reading :)


  1. Hey there, I am 99% my cat has this problem! Is treatment expensive? I want to take him to the vet but I dont have the funds to do so ;'( . I'd love some more info, and how your cat is dealing with it :-)


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