PILATM: Wire Vegetable Ball

Hey guys! I am going to start a new series on this blog called PILATM which stands for Product I love at the moment. This will mean you all will get an insight into a product I use regularly, or when I do use it, I enjoy it heaps. The difference between this type of post and my product reviews are that these are well tested, they have been used a lot, or have been repurchased multiple times. These are the products that I would not be able to live without now that I have found them. I find these types of posts the best for deciding on new products to buy for any of my animals as it means it has been well tested, and they still enjoy the product.
Today, my PILATM is my 'Wire Vegetable Ball' that I got in one of my hauls awhile back. This product I have been using every second day, if not every day. I am not too sure what the particular brand for my one is, however I have seen the heaps of brands do this type of thing, if not something very similar. It is such a simple idea, but makes the boys work so much harder for their food and makes their lives just a little bit more enriched.
I use this in a bunch of different ways every time, to make it a bit different each time the boys use it. The first way is that I fill this with hay, and when I say fill, I shove it in so it is all tight inside, and then add extra bits of hay to the outside of the ball. Before this product, I used to just chuck the hay into the cage and let them eat it off the ground, which is unhygienic for them, but also means they don't get the full amount of hay as most of it is trodden into the ground. I find with using this product as the hay holder, it means they eat a lot more hay which is very healthy for them, but it also means that they are having to use their brain and body a bit more in getting their daily intake of hay.
Another way I use this is to fill it with half hay, half vegetables. So I will put a layer of hay around the ball and then add chopped up pieces of vegetables into the center, and then fill any remaining space with more hay. This means that the boys will have to pull away at some hay to actually get to the vegetables, and makes it that extra bit harder to get to the inside as the hay is preventing the vegetables from just falling out. I find they love this, as they can smell the vegetables but have to work through the hay to get to them.
The last way I use this ball is just filling it with their vegetables for the day, and having somewhere else for their daily hay intake to go. This is the way I use the ball if I have a lot of vegetables to give them, or they are larger pieces like broccoli and capsicum (bell pepper). Smaller pieces of the vegetables will fall through when Schmutz attacks the ball, but the larger pieces that don't fit very well through the gaps means that both boys have to actually pull at the vegetable inside to try and get it out.

After using this product for multiple weeks now, and mainly using it as a daily enrichment object, I cannot imagine owning guinea pigs or rabbits without it. It is a great way to get their vegetables or hay into them, without just throwing it in the cage and making it easy for them. I also like this a lot more than a kebab as it holds more vegetables for one, but instead of the rabbit being able to just pull the treat off the stick, they have to try and wedge it out of a hole in the ball. Plus, it doubles as a hay rack. I can also see that the boys love it, because whenever I touch the ball in their cage, they both come running up expectantly, knowing that there will soon be a treat inside it. If you have either a guinea pig or rabbit, go try this out, I bet you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for reading :)


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