Product Review: Critter Toys Corn-E-Carrot

Hey team! In my haul post a while back (which you can view here), I mentioned that I got this carrot toy and that it is the first time I have bought a toy for rabbits as generally I have believed they wouldn't play with one. This one I picked up is by the brand Critter Ware but this toy I believe is part of the Critter Toys range. This particular toy was made in China, but I believe the actual brand has originated from USA. In regards to the the toy, it is made out of natural sun-dried corn leaf materials and can be used for all small animals.
I gave this to the boys and they immediately started fighting over it, which is a big deal for BMO because he is quite a quiet pig. Schmutz ate off all the green 'grass' part of the toy within the first five minutes. Since then, it has been in the cage for about a week, and while I don't often see them playing with it, I occasionally see Schmutz throwing it around the cage. There is also chew marks over the carrot where he has obviously gave it a gnaw. I think this is one of those toys that need to be rotated with other toys, as the boys got bored of it, but first off were in love. However, it has made me want to purchase more toys in the future which is a good start since I was so anti toys. Once I have got up a collection of toys, I could rotate them weekly and hopefully the boys will not get as bored of it.
Next off, because the packet said rats may enjoy it, I gave Nike a week trial of it to see what she would think. When I put it in her cage, she straight away took it into her nest and I could see her through the entrance inspecting what it actually was. After the first night with it, she had gnawed into it so much more than the boys had in a week. She had also chewed down what little Schmutz left of the green leafy part of the carrot to next to nothing and also had snapped some of the twine that made the carrot.
The next time I saw it, it was unraveling so much that I could see the inside cardboard. She had really managed to rip this apart, so much more than the boys had. I could tell that she was enjoying it and left it in her cage for another week. That was the last I saw of that toy looking like a carrot. The next time I saw it, the whole thing was just little pieces of orange rope, random cardboard pieces, and more orange rope. She had managed to rip the whole thing apart! I think all in all, it took her about three weeks to fully destroy this toy. I can't say how long she actually chewed it for in this time, but it must have held her interest for it to change so drastically week to week.
Overall, I enjoyed this toy for both the boys, and the rat. The boys, although they didn't play with it much, they did enjoy it. I think if I gave this to them every second week they would have enjoyed it more as they lost interest after the first day or two. I currently have in the boys cage a corn version of this toy which they are loving so I might get this carrot again to swap in and out for that. As for Nike, she loved it. I always love it when she finds something she likes, and it makes her life a bit more interesting. I think I will get her another one as well, so that both the boys and her have a separate one each. This made me appreciate corn husk as a toy option for rats, guinea pigs and rabbits and will make me look more into toys containing this. Remember, it must be a good product if I want to purchase it again.
Thanks for reading :)


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