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Here we go, July!

Hey Everyone! Another month has gone by already! I can't believe it, it feels like just last week I was writing my last goal post. July for me is my crackdown month on spending and saving. I leave for America on the 31st of July so its my last chance to save as much money as I can so I can spend it all on pet stuff over there. It also means that I have to do some great work with the boys before I leave, as I don't return til the end of August so I miss them for a whole month!
As for June's goals, I didn't do too bad for once. Not perfect, but I did work hard towards my blog, and my boys so I am proud of the month of June.
1. Upload a Video onto our Youtube Channel.
I completed this. I uploaded my Moving Day vlog at the start of the month, and then near the end of the month I uploaded the video of Knuckles. I have vlogged another day of mine so that shall go up some time in July so I am slowly getting better at putting videos up but I will always have more content on her…

To Market, To Market, To Buy a Fat Pig

Hey! I have uploaded a video to our YouTube channel (DaisyPets) about a new pet that we have! As always, you can either watch the video, read the blog post or both. Remember, the blog post always has more information since I am better at writing than talking to a camera! The link to the video is here.
Welcome to the Daisy Pets family, Knuckles!
Since I separated Schmutz and BMO I have been thinking about getting BMO a brother to keep him company as guinea pigs are very sociable creatures and need a friend. Schmutz is a little bit easier to have alone as he comes out of his cage multiple times a day, and interacts and enjoys our company more than I believe BMO does. BMO does come out daily but he doesn't interact with us as much, he just eats! Once we separated the boys, BMO just hung out in his hut and didn't really do anything. I figured that he needed a friend, even if the friend just hangs out in the hut with him.
I had looked on all the local shelter websites to see if anyo…

Small Pet Wishlist #2

Hey again! If you didn't see my last blog post, I suggest checking it out here first. Based on Sherwood Smallpets' video post in which she shows the things that are on her wishlist, I have started my own wishlists. Last post was my more obtainable wishlist of things I can purchase in New Zealand. This post will be my wishlist of American/UK cage items that I want. These are things that I have seen in other peoples videos or blog posts that they have rated highly, or I just think would be a great addition to my cages.
To begin with, I have been loving the Seagrass Mat that I have been seeing in so many peoples cages. Usually by the time they show this mat, it is quite chewed up and hardly recognizable. To me that must be a great product if the pet is actually willing to destroy it. I have also noticed that the people that have this mat, always seem to have more than one in the cage, or in back up for once they destroy the first one. We have nothing similar to this in New Zealand…

Product Review: Living World Nibblers

Hello! It has been a good month since I have done a product review so I figured we should get one out there for you all. Recently, I have got back into trialing new products, as I did have a while there where I didn't try anything new and just stuck with previous favourites. This product review is on the Living World Nibblers. I have both the 'Crunchy Loofah and Wood Chew' in the Strawberry shape and also the 14-piece value pack of vegetable and fruit shaped wood chews. I recently got these at a pet store chain that has only just started stocking these products, you can see the blog post about that here.
I first put the Strawberry chew in the boys cage, and to be honest, I wasn't expecting much. I had given loofah before to the boys and neither touched it, same with wood shaped chews. Once I got it out of the packet, I noticed that the wood was a softer version than the wood chews I have tried in the past. When I first put it in the cage, Schmutz done a little nibble on…

Vet Visits!

Hey everyone! Lately, us here at DaisyPets have been visiting the vet much more than we would like to. BMO, our guinea pig was the culprit in all of this. I had him out of his cage for some lap time and clicker training like I do every evening, and noticed that he had his leg sticking out the back. At this point I started to worry, because he wasn't relaxing and the foot felt cold to the touch. I moved it around a tiny bit, enough to know that his foot had no feeling in it, or not enough feeling to move it but where it joins the leg and the actual leg were fine. When walking he either dragged it behind him, or would limp excessively to get the foot around and not bend it. It was also very swollen, and the toes didn't fan out like the other foot does when you lift it off the ground.
We booked him in for an appointment the next morning, and I confirmed over the phone that the vet we were visiting was experienced in Guinea Pigs.
Well, that vet visit wasn't the greatest. She a…

Small Pet Wishlist #1

Hey everyone! Today I was watching a video on YouTube from the user Sherwood Smallpets which was a wishlist video of all the things that she has on her multiple online shopping carts that she dreams about getting or will get but just at this time can't afford. I thought this was such a great idea as my list of things that I want for the boys is HUGE, although heaps of it is unrealistic as they are USA/UK products that are not available here in New Zealand and to get it shipped here is unrealistic due to the cost. To view the video I was watching just click here.
I will need to do this in multiple blog posts cause my wishlist is that big. So for this post we will start with my realistic list, the things I can get where I live but haven't got around to purchasing, things that may be a bit pricey at the moment and things that I dream about but for some reason never actually pick up.
To start with I have been looking at this shop for a while now, and have been wanting to purchase…

Welcome to New Zealand

Hello! Total excitement here at DaisyPets! The reason behind it, a pet store chain now supplies Living World products. Not the whole range, but a bunch of their 'Nibblers' chews and I am hoping that they will slowly introduce a bit more into the stock. This is a whole new level of excitement for me who is used to the same brands being at the stores every time I go. I have recently noticed that our stores are getting a bit more variety and more stock, but its still from the same typical brands that swallow the market. I am so sorry about the photo quality, I had to take the photos on my iPod as I didn't have my camera as it is quite bulky and I would feel weird taking that for a photo shoot of the pet shop.

So what did I do with this new brand staring me in the face? I purchased some products! I only got two products, but because they are all mainly the same type of chew, I decided to start with the two different varieties and then if the boys like it to purchase some more.

Moving Day

Hello everyone! As you might know from my previous blog posts, I have recently moved into a new home which means moving the boys and saying good bye to the animals that live with my mum.
I have put together a quick montage video of some clips that I took while moving. It was a busy mess of a time, so this was all I could get for you all, but I hope you enjoy seeing the boys in actual video. So here you go! 

In regards to the move, the boys were perfect! There was no stress on the trip which was a twenty to thirty minute drive, and neither of them freaked out too much. BMO was in a cardboard box, and instead of being bored, he started chewing through one of the breathing holes and made himself a very large hole to peep through! Schmutz had himself a cat carrier with a towel and all his toys, and he just spent his time relaxed asleep licking his soft toy sheep.
At our new house, the boys have a little area of their own inside…

Hello June!

Hey everyone! Before I start the post for today I want to apologize for being absent from this blog. As you can read from my previous post, I was moving home so that took up a good four or so days to even get half set up in our new home. We also didn't get internet til a week or so after moving in, and was working overtime at work so had no time to go to an internet cafe to upload anything. Finally, we got internet and my laptop charger stopped working so had to go find a new one of those! Anyway, no excuses, I should have planned a bit better, so in future I hope to not have an absence like this one again.
Now into the post for today! Gosh May was a hectic month, and I didn't mean to slack, but while I was concentrating on other areas of my life and blog, I forgot my blog goals and failed miserably at Mays goals. Gosh, this post is filled with excuses :P

1. Upload a video onto our YouTube channel
I tried this one at multiples stages through the month, but my footage had bad li…