Hello June!

Hey everyone! Before I start the post for today I want to apologize for being absent from this blog. As you can read from my previous post, I was moving home so that took up a good four or so days to even get half set up in our new home. We also didn't get internet til a week or so after moving in, and was working overtime at work so had no time to go to an internet cafe to upload anything. Finally, we got internet and my laptop charger stopped working so had to go find a new one of those! Anyway, no excuses, I should have planned a bit better, so in future I hope to not have an absence like this one again.
Now into the post for today! Gosh May was a hectic month, and I didn't mean to slack, but while I was concentrating on other areas of my life and blog, I forgot my blog goals and failed miserably at Mays goals. Gosh, this post is filled with excuses :P

1. Upload a video onto our YouTube channel
I tried this one at multiples stages through the month, but my footage had bad lighting, or I decided that a blog post would have been better. I have made a montage video of some clips of our move, nothing big, but it has some footage of the boys and Missy so I will try and upload that this week.

2. Start clicker training work
I did start this! I have put it as a yellow just because we never really got to clicker training, more just prepping towards that training. I spent about 3 minutes, five times with BMO on getting used to the clicker noise and eating from my hands. He did start to get better and then we moved and that slipped on importance. I am glad I got a bit of work in May done though, and it has made BMO more comfortable eating from my hands while out of his cage. We will just keep improving off this and hopefully have BMO a little bit clicker trained!

3. Have at least ten posts go up
I managed six. When I first made these goals, I hadn't planned in my moving and getting organised time that I had to take off. Even then, I don't think I would have made this goal. I am not sure what happened with this one, I had a bit of a slow month for blog writing and reviewing. I do know that I hadn't tried many new products which might have contributed to my lack of posts.

Now, for June. May has kind of disappointed me as I was quite excited that I would manage these ones. I think instead of getting new goals, and potentially failing those, I am going to keep these goals for June also. This way, the clicker training prepping has been completed so this one can actually get somewhere. I also can hopefully get ten posts up now that I live with a dog and have a pile of new things to try out, and also some new Guinea Pig/Rabbit products. Finally, for my first goal of getting a video onto our YouTube channel, I definitely have one as I stated early, so we will change this goal to two videos going up.
Thank you for reading :)


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