Here we go, July!

Hey Everyone! Another month has gone by already! I can't believe it, it feels like just last week I was writing my last goal post. July for me is my crackdown month on spending and saving. I leave for America on the 31st of July so its my last chance to save as much money as I can so I can spend it all on pet stuff over there. It also means that I have to do some great work with the boys before I leave, as I don't return til the end of August so I miss them for a whole month!
As for June's goals, I didn't do too bad for once. Not perfect, but I did work hard towards my blog, and my boys so I am proud of the month of June.
1. Upload a Video onto our Youtube Channel.
I completed this. I uploaded my Moving Day vlog at the start of the month, and then near the end of the month I uploaded the video of Knuckles. I have vlogged another day of mine so that shall go up some time in July so I am slowly getting better at putting videos up but I will always have more content on here. I hope to improve the quality of my videos over time, but at this point I am proud of what I have put out.

2. Start clicker training work.
Sadly, this wasn't 100% completed. BMO hurt his foot quite early on in June, so instead of clicker training we were concentrating on getting his foot better and making him more comfortable. I still held him every day and he now eats confidently from my hand which is a great step forward for his training. I think in July I can really put effort into this as I have built up the base over May and June and now its time to really make it all work. I will also start Knuckles with the pre-training work of eating out of my hand and being comfortable. I think it will be much harder with him as he was untame when we got him.

3. Have ten posts go up.
This will be my ninth post for June. I think that is an awesome achievement, and so very close to ten. I have multiple blog posts in the waiting, but they need more work and time til they are ready to go live. I think that if I had started these sooner I would have ten gone up, but I left them all a bit too late. It does mean you will get some good posts for July and August though.

Now for July!

1. Write extra posts for August.
Because I am going away on holiday for practically the full month of August I will have no time to write posts during the month so I will need to get extra posts ready to go up within a second while I am in America. I am hoping to have atleast four prepared so I can get one up a week to keep the blog going, however I would prefer to have a lot ready so that I can put up twice a week.

2. Start training Asha.
As a spoiled rotten, small, only dog, Asha gets away with a lot. Now is the time that I am going to change all that. There is a lot of work that I would love to do, even just teaching him a few tricks would be great. I am going to start working on that this month, but mainly just start trick training as this will give him a basis for further training. Plus, since we are going away, he will go back into old habits during that time, so not much point in doing too much behavioural training.

3. DIY Toy.
I have been saving up some toilet rolls for a DIY toy for Schmutz. I am yet to decide how I am going to put them together but I want it to be something that is quick, easy and keeps Schmutz entertained for a decent amount of time. If it works well, I could even look at making a more permanent copy of the toy by making it with wood instead of cardboard. So keep tuned to see what I end up managing to do with them.

Three should be all for this month, as it is all about preparing for August and making sure I save enough money. I have a list of posts that I am ready to write, or as I said earlier, half way through writing so July is definitely going to be far from boring. I have a mixture of dog, rabbit and guinea pig posts, book reviews, product reviews and a new type of post series that is coming up within the next two months.
As always, thanks for reading :)


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