Moving Day

Hello everyone! As you might know from my previous blog posts, I have recently moved into a new home which means moving the boys and saying good bye to the animals that live with my mum.
I have put together a quick montage video of some clips that I took while moving. It was a busy mess of a time, so this was all I could get for you all, but I hope you enjoy seeing the boys in actual video. So here you go! 

In regards to the move, the boys were perfect! There was no stress on the trip which was a twenty to thirty minute drive, and neither of them freaked out too much. BMO was in a cardboard box, and instead of being bored, he started chewing through one of the breathing holes and made himself a very large hole to peep through! Schmutz had himself a cat carrier with a towel and all his toys, and he just spent his time relaxed asleep licking his soft toy sheep.
At our new house, the boys have a little area of their own inside, which means no more worrying about the temperature outdoors and if the rain will reach them. It also means no more stray cats looking at them, instead they have Asha always checking on them. Asha has never lived with small animals before, so it was quite funny seeing his reaction to them. When he first noticed their presence, he raced around trying to get me to follow him so that he could show me this weird being that was in his house. Once I did follow him, he went straight up to their cage, tail wagging, looking between them and I, a look of satisfaction on his face. Since then, whenever either me or my partner goes near that end of the house, he will zoom past us to have the first look at what the boys are up to. We have slowly started introducing them outside of the boys cage, but at this stage, Asha gets too excited and gets a little bit nippy so we are still very much on edge with these greetings.
All in all, the move was successful and all the animals have settled in well to their new surroundings. Being in this new house has really inspired me with some new ideas for the blog, and since I have to travel less to get to work (A good hour each way has been cut!) I have more time to implement these ideas! So keep a look out for these new plans and posts in the future. Thank you for reading :)


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