Product Review: Living World Nibblers

Hello! It has been a good month since I have done a product review so I figured we should get one out there for you all. Recently, I have got back into trialing new products, as I did have a while there where I didn't try anything new and just stuck with previous favourites. This product review is on the Living World Nibblers. I have both the 'Crunchy Loofah and Wood Chew' in the Strawberry shape and also the 14-piece value pack of vegetable and fruit shaped wood chews. I recently got these at a pet store chain that has only just started stocking these products, you can see the blog post about that here.
I first put the Strawberry chew in the boys cage, and to be honest, I wasn't expecting much. I had given loofah before to the boys and neither touched it, same with wood shaped chews. Once I got it out of the packet, I noticed that the wood was a softer version than the wood chews I have tried in the past. When I first put it in the cage, Schmutz done a little nibble on the top loofah part and then scurried off to check something else. Overnight I was surprised to find that there was a little bite mark in the side of the wood, and even a bit of loofah looked to be tugged out. Schmutz and BMO have straw as their floor bedding in the cage, so it kept getting burrowed into that when the boys moved about. Whenever I went past their cage I would pick up the strawberry and put it back in view of the boys. I am not sure if this was what made Schmutz actually chew it a bit, or if he just likes it, as the bite marks kept appearing. The colouring seems to be able to fade easily and there are already parts of the wood that have faded to plain wood.
For the 14-piece pack I have only so far put two of the wood chews in. I chose what I assume is broccoli, but could be celery and the radish shapes. I put these in the cage a couple of days after I put the strawberry in since it was going so well with that. The minute I put them in the cage, Schmutz gave the radish a large chomp. As with the strawberry, these are softer wood chews than the ones you can usually purchase in New Zealand. I also uncovered these from the straw when I could to get them back into sight for the boys. After a few days, I took the photo with the chew marks in them. There is a lot more in the radish, and the other side is also an equal amount chewed. Now that I have separated the boys, Schmutz has kept the broccoli/celery and BMO has the radish. As the week goes by, the celery has a little bit more marks, however the radish hasn't changed. I don't think BMO is much of a chewer.
All in all, it doesn't look like much. There is really only a few nibbles in each product, but for me that is a huge success. I was expecting not even one nibble, or if there was one, it would be ignored from then on. I have seen Schmutz throwing all these around the cage, and have also seen BMO checking it out. For wood chews, it is always hard to know whether they will be liked or not. I like these products, and I like them enough that I went out and got the green apple version of the 'Crunchy loofah and wood chew'. There is a couple more types of Nibblers that Living World has released in New Zealand, mainly the chews that are on a metal kebab so I would love to pick up one of them as well. I recommend this type of chews for anyone with guinea pigs or rabbits, even if the animal isn't much of a chewer. They are such good looking products, well made, and colourful that they look great in the cage even if the animal doesn't want to chew them.
Thanks for reading :)


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