To Market, To Market, To Buy a Fat Pig

Hey! I have uploaded a video to our YouTube channel (DaisyPets) about a new pet that we have! As always, you can either watch the video, read the blog post or both. Remember, the blog post always has more information since I am better at writing than talking to a camera! The link to the video is here.
Welcome to the Daisy Pets family, Knuckles!
Since I separated Schmutz and BMO I have been thinking about getting BMO a brother to keep him company as guinea pigs are very sociable creatures and need a friend. Schmutz is a little bit easier to have alone as he comes out of his cage multiple times a day, and interacts and enjoys our company more than I believe BMO does. BMO does come out daily but he doesn't interact with us as much, he just eats! Once we separated the boys, BMO just hung out in his hut and didn't really do anything. I figured that he needed a friend, even if the friend just hangs out in the hut with him.
I had looked on all the local shelter websites to see if anyone had a younger boy but they only had a couple girls and some grown boars. I had decided that for BMO's best interest, it would be best to get a younger boy. BMO isn't a very rowdy pig, nor is he very manly so I knew that if we got a grown pig, he would just end up bullying BMO. Least if we begin with a baby, he can't bully him too much, and then the baby will grow up with BMO and know that he is a friend. Also, added to that is the fact that his foot is still not 100% so to put a full grown pig in there with him being ill wouldn't be wise. I did contemplate waiting for the local shelter to get babies in, but the longer we waited, the longer BMO would get used to being alone and become standoffish. He would also become even more sadder by the day due to not having company.
I was on my way to the markets, when I stopped off at the larger pet store which is in my region. It is slightly out of the way, so I don't get to go here too often, so when I do pass it I have to pop in. That is where I found Knuckles! He was in the cage with his two brothers and I could tell that he wasn't top rank out of the three, but nor was he on the bottom. It meant that he wouldn't crazily bully BMO but also he wouldn't be another push over like BMO. He also had personality plus. These pigs were obviously not handled much as babies, as he is such a crazy fast runner and when we managed to hold him, he screamed. I couldn't leave without him, so we put him on hold, went to the markets and then came back for him.
The first meeting of the pair went fabulously, and ever since there has been no issue with them. I have not once seen them fight, and they cuddle up in their hut together. I am so happy that I picked him up, although Knuckles has a lot of work to go before he is tame. He keeps biting at the moment, and is crazy when trying to take him out of the cage or even give him food. We named him Knuckles after the Sonic character as he is super fast, and going to grow long hair. He is slowly getting used to vegetables, he obviously was never given them before as he gets real excited but doesn't know whether to eat them or not. He will watch BMO first and once BMO starts, he will jump right in. Now, he can eat the vegetables I have given him before, but will go through that same process for any new type of vegetable.
Thank you for reading :)


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