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Hello! Total excitement here at DaisyPets! The reason behind it, a pet store chain now supplies Living World products. Not the whole range, but a bunch of their 'Nibblers' chews and I am hoping that they will slowly introduce a bit more into the stock. This is a whole new level of excitement for me who is used to the same brands being at the stores every time I go. I have recently noticed that our stores are getting a bit more variety and more stock, but its still from the same typical brands that swallow the market. I am so sorry about the photo quality, I had to take the photos on my iPod as I didn't have my camera as it is quite bulky and I would feel weird taking that for a photo shoot of the pet shop.

So what did I do with this new brand staring me in the face? I purchased some products! I only got two products, but because they are all mainly the same type of chew, I decided to start with the two different varieties and then if the boys like it to purchase some more.
I got the Strawberry Loofah and Wood Chew, which the name explains really, a strawberry shaped chew of layers of loofah and wood. I am not sure how the boys will react to this one, I got them a loofah chew a while back and they didn't touch it once! I will put it in the cage anyway, and maybe they will use just the wood parts to wear their teeth. With that being said, I really do wish they will like it because I think its one of the cutest chews that are available in the New Zealand market, and I really want to get the apple version as well.
The next product I got was the 12 pack of Wood Chews in fruit and vegetable. These are fruit or vegetable shaped wood chews that you can either just lay around the cage or they have a hole so you can put them on a kebab. I just love how colourful and cute all these chews that Living World sell are. I think when I give these to the boys I will put one on a kebab with their daily vegetables and another one lying around and see if either of them gets any teeth marks. To be honest, I don't hold too high of hopes for these as the music shaped chews I got a while back were never touched but once again I couldn't resist trialing a new brand so had to buy these.
I will update you in the future on how these went as I am going to slowly add these to the boys cage and want to make sure I get a 100% result on whether or not they were enjoyed. Now, let's hope for more Living World products to come to New Zealand so that I can really get to know this brand. As always, thanks for reading :)


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