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BMO Update

Hey everyone! I thought that it would be nice to give you all an update on what has been happening with BMO lately as apart from the post on when he went to the vet, there hasn't been any future posts. I will begin with saying that he is back to normal and is running on the foot like nothing ever was wrong.
I think along with the medicine, a big thing that I think made BMO decide he needed to put weight on that foot was Knuckles being in his cage. Knuckles being the young pig he is, runs around the cage full speed, and tries to get BMO involved. At first, BMO just sat there, but slowly he got involved and now is zooming around the cage chasing Knuckles. If it wasn't for Knuckles, there would have been no real reason to use the foot again. I don't believe it was the only reason, but definitely how he managed to get it tip top so quickly.
With the medicine, we were giving him 0.1ml of Metacam once a day. BMO was the easiest animal I have ever had to medicate. I would put the…

Schmutz Week 1 Update

Hello! The first week of dealing with a rabbit with broken toes can now be successfully ticked off. Gosh, I was crazy with worry for a couple of days there, and still check on him a lot to make sure he is alright. Make sure you check out the first vet post before continuing into this post! Lucky for you all, I have kept a dairy with updates on each day so that I didn't forgot anything. Before I begin, I would just like to state that I am in no way an expert on this, the latter even as I have never had a rabbit in a cast before. Also, this is based on our experience only, it would be understandable if someone else's experience is completely different. My main reason for doing these updates is in the hope that someone might stumble across them when they were in my situation and just have a little bit more of an idea on what to expect.
I took Schmutz' to the vet on Wednesday the 9th of July. I didn't really write up anything on the night of, but based on my memory he was …

Out of the Conventional: SkinFood Skin Care

Hello! I have decided to start a new series that I hope you can all enjoy. As much as we love animals and try and make our lives revolve around them, at one point or another we need to treat ourselves. I am going to try and make it easier for us to pamper ourselves, and know that NO animals were harmed in the making of that product. With that, I bring you my new series 'Out of the Conventional' where I will be showing you products that do not test on animals, harm animals in their production or cause a detrimental affect on our planet. I will also be doing small reviews on the products so you have an idea on what you will be getting!
For my first post in this topic I am bringing you Skinfood Skin Care. This is a wonderful range of skin products that are made here in New Zealand. I have been in love with their moisturizer for a year or two now, and have just recently started getting into more of their line. I have the most sensitive skin on my face, even most 'natural' …

Bad Times at DaisyPets

Hey everyone! If you don't follow us on Instagram or Twitter, then we have a lot to inform you on. First off, BMO's foot is pretty much completely healed. He now can bear weight on it, and runs around his cage with no issues. I will do a full update post on that a bit later on in the week. Sorry that I haven't got that one up sooner, I have been run off my feet as of late but will catch up with some posts this week.
With one foot healed, another had to break. This time it was Schmutz. I think we were lucky with BMO in that it was more of a bruising than an actual break, unfortunately with Schmutz it was a break. My partner was feeding the boys their morning vegetables and had forgotten the lettuce so rushed back to the fridge to get it, he probably would have been not looking at the cage for twenty seconds at most. In that time, Schmutz managed to jump out of his cage which is on wheels and is at a table kind of height, onto the cold lino. He has never tried to jump out of …

Book Review: Quake Dogs

Hey everyone! I come to you with another book review. This time it is a New Zealand book about the earthquakes that rocked Christchurch, and the largest 6.3 magnitude quake that killed 185 and left many more people and pets homeless. I would call this a coffee table book as it is mainly wonderful photos by the photographer Craig Bullock, and to accompany the photos, there is some short stories by Laura Sessions. One of the best things about this book in my opinion, is that proceeds of the sale of this book go towards HUHA (Helping You, Help Animals). HUHA is a animal rescue and charity of New Zealand that does amazing work for animal welfare and was one of the leading groups that helped with the Christchurch rehoming effort.
I have trouble reading books made up of short stories. I enjoy reading when I can really get involved with the people inside of it, and love a long story. Some of these stories definitely grabbed my attention, but I couldn't sit down and read this book for an h…