Bad Times at DaisyPets

Hey everyone! If you don't follow us on Instagram or Twitter, then we have a lot to inform you on. First off, BMO's foot is pretty much completely healed. He now can bear weight on it, and runs around his cage with no issues. I will do a full update post on that a bit later on in the week. Sorry that I haven't got that one up sooner, I have been run off my feet as of late but will catch up with some posts this week.
With one foot healed, another had to break. This time it was Schmutz. I think we were lucky with BMO in that it was more of a bruising than an actual break, unfortunately with Schmutz it was a break. My partner was feeding the boys their morning vegetables and had forgotten the lettuce so rushed back to the fridge to get it, he probably would have been not looking at the cage for twenty seconds at most. In that time, Schmutz managed to jump out of his cage which is on wheels and is at a table kind of height, onto the cold lino. He has never tried to jump out of his cage before, and my partner thought that because he had half his vegetables in his cage he wouldn't be a worry if the cage was left open for the short amount of time. Unfortunately something must have happened when he landed, because when we went to see what the thud was, Schmutz was not putting weight on his back foot. I touched it a tiny bit, not for too long but enough to realize that it was a break and not just some bruising.
We rushed him to the vet the next morning, and as I predicted the vet agreed that it was broken. He admitted him in for x-rays and we were told to pick him up in the evening.
Final prognosis. Two broken metatarsals in the one foot which was lucky because if it had been three he would have needed to operate and Brendan (the vet) was not sure how easily that surgery would have gone down. So Schmutz will be in a splint for approximately 6 weeks, depending on how long Schmutz takes before he decides to rip it off. He also has the same medication in which BMO had, but at a stronger dosage and he will be taking that for 3 weeks. Brendan does have high hopes, since Schmutz is still young, that he will make a good recovery and their shouldn't be many, if any complications with the bones surging together again. For the first night, I have had him in the guinea pigs cage which is smaller and I have that in my bedroom so I can keep a close eye on him. This morning I have put him back into his usual cage and he is slowly hopping around, and inspecting where the guinea pigs have stayed the night. He is still having trouble walking around with his splint, he usually has it dragging somewhat like the photo above. I am hoping he gets a bit more used to it as he also is having trouble getting it out of the way for when he needs to go toilet. My partner and I are going to be checking on him every few hours, even during the night just to make sure he is alright and not stuck in any uncomfortable positions.
This has been a very expensive venture, so I think I will never be leaving his cage open with him inside it again. I guess I have to be thankful that it is not worse than it is. It would have been easily a much bigger deal if Schmutz broke more than the two toes. Plus, I have had a great vet on hand that knows about small pets and has been more than helpful.
I will try and put small updates up on the instagram, but will also do a three week check in with you guys before I head off to the states. I want to be able to put some of our experiences and information out there so that if anyone else has this situation with their pet, they have somewhere to read and gain some insight. I tried to google some more information for us, but it was all either basic 'see a vet' information, or it was the vets information which was all based around the break and not the welfare of the pet itself, or how they cope with the splint. I am going to try and write daily information on my thoughts and then compile it into either one big post, or multiple over the coming weeks. Schmutz will be off the medication when I go over to America so it will just be up to my mum who is looking after him to take him to get his splint taken off but I will get updates from her also, and Hopefully all will heal easily over time! Until next post, Schmutz is a $500 rabbit and counting...


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