BMO Update

Hey everyone! I thought that it would be nice to give you all an update on what has been happening with BMO lately as apart from the post on when he went to the vet, there hasn't been any future posts. I will begin with saying that he is back to normal and is running on the foot like nothing ever was wrong.
I think along with the medicine, a big thing that I think made BMO decide he needed to put weight on that foot was Knuckles being in his cage. Knuckles being the young pig he is, runs around the cage full speed, and tries to get BMO involved. At first, BMO just sat there, but slowly he got involved and now is zooming around the cage chasing Knuckles. If it wasn't for Knuckles, there would have been no real reason to use the foot again. I don't believe it was the only reason, but definitely how he managed to get it tip top so quickly.
With the medicine, we were giving him 0.1ml of Metacam once a day. BMO was the easiest animal I have ever had to medicate. I would put the medicine in the syringe, and then just put that in his mouth and slowly release it while BMO licked it all up.
My favourite part of this whole experience was how much more friendly he became. I was already holding him everyday prior to his injury, but for some reason he really grew much more confident with us after his injury. This might have been another case of Knuckles bringing out the best in BMO, but we will never know the real reason. BMO has really grown into his personality over this time, and become an individual pig. He really likes the top of his head being scratched, and if you stop patting him, he will nudge his head under your hand.
That is all I can really think of to mention. He didn't seem to be in pain during this time, and he was eating and everything perfectly fine so I don't really have much to talk about. However, if you have any questions, or want to know something feel free to ask.
As for Schmutz' injury, because he was actually put under anesthetic and because he has a broken foot there has been a larger difference in his personality so for him I will be doing a weekly update until I leave for America.
Thanks for reading :)


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