Book Review: Quake Dogs

Hey everyone! I come to you with another book review. This time it is a New Zealand book about the earthquakes that rocked Christchurch, and the largest 6.3 magnitude quake that killed 185 and left many more people and pets homeless. I would call this a coffee table book as it is mainly wonderful photos by the photographer Craig Bullock, and to accompany the photos, there is some short stories by Laura Sessions. One of the best things about this book in my opinion, is that proceeds of the sale of this book go towards HUHA (Helping You, Help Animals). HUHA is a animal rescue and charity of New Zealand that does amazing work for animal welfare and was one of the leading groups that helped with the Christchurch rehoming effort.
I have trouble reading books made up of short stories. I enjoy reading when I can really get involved with the people inside of it, and love a long story. Some of these stories definitely grabbed my attention, but I couldn't sit down and read this book for an hour, I could only read a few stories and then put it down. This is not to say that the book itself is awful, I am just easily distracted and because the stories are short, I can put down the book easily once I have finished a story. So if you are looking for a book to settle in and read, this would not be my recommendation. However, it is a perfect coffee table book. I ended up just leaving it on my table, and in ad breaks, or when I was just wanting a quick read, I would pick this book up and read a story or two. It was great for that! Also on the plus side of that, it looks wicked sitting on your coffee table.
The book itself is fabulously put together. The photographs are impeccable and I have nothing to fault them on. To be honest, I want to see more of Craig's work, because that is what really made this book. Without these photos, or even with just another photographer it would not have made the same impact. The photos just really bring the stories to life, and you can visualize everything so much better by seeing the dogs.

The stories themselves are well written, and give you most of the information that you need to know to really understand what these dogs and their owners were going through. I live in New Zealand and I didn't even realize that this many dogs were affected by the earthquakes or that they are continuing to have problems. My favourite stories were those of the rescue dogs. This really spoke to me because when I get my puppy I am hoping to train him up to be a search and rescue dog so reading their stories were not only inspirational, but gives me an insight into what I may be required to do if I do manage to train up my puppy.
I don't want to ruin the book for those who can get there hands on it, so I won't go into too much depth on any of the stories. I believe that it most easily obtainable in New Zealand, but for you US or UK people, the book is available on Amazon as well. All in all, I definitely recommend this if you like coffee book tables, and you are a dog lover because it is a beaut of a book. It is one of those books that is for display, and light reading so if you like to have books lying around for guests, or for decoration it is a nice treat. The website to buy the book is
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