Out of the Conventional: SkinFood Skin Care

Hello! I have decided to start a new series that I hope you can all enjoy. As much as we love animals and try and make our lives revolve around them, at one point or another we need to treat ourselves. I am going to try and make it easier for us to pamper ourselves, and know that NO animals were harmed in the making of that product. With that, I bring you my new series 'Out of the Conventional' where I will be showing you products that do not test on animals, harm animals in their production or cause a detrimental affect on our planet. I will also be doing small reviews on the products so you have an idea on what you will be getting!
For my first post in this topic I am bringing you Skinfood Skin Care. This is a wonderful range of skin products that are made here in New Zealand. I have been in love with their moisturizer for a year or two now, and have just recently started getting into more of their line. I have the most sensitive skin on my face, even most 'natural' or 'sensitive' products will leave my face extremely dry, or covered in a rash. I can happily say that out of the products I have tried none have made me rash out.
Before I get into my personal thoughts on each product that I have tried, I would tell you a bit more about the brand. Skinfood prides itself on being environmentally friendly. All of their ingredients are from sustainable suppliers, and are natural food based. They have been approved by the vegetarian society, and do not in any way test on animals, and nor do any of their suppliers. If that wasn't enough to get behind this company, they have also made their packaging recyclable so prevent landfill waste. They also have decent prices in New Zealand. They are priced on the average scale here, which is ranging from $8 - $15.
First off, the Nourishing Moisturiser. This product is made with Goji Berry extract, Apricot & Blackcurrant oils, manuka honey and aloe vera! I love the smell of this, actually I love the scent of all of Skinfood's products. This is one of my favourite moisturisers and I haven't been able to find any similar product out there that does what this one does for my skin. I use this after I have cleansed my face in the morning, and it works a treat at bringing moisture back into my face. I have recently had a rash spot on my eyelid from wearing my makeup overnight (Slap on the wrist for that one) and the problem with my skin is once I have a rash, it takes weeks to get rid of it. I have been using this more of this moisturiser on that spot, and it definitely makes it less red, and the visible sign of skin irritation is gone. I will admit it hasn't got rid of the area and it has been about a week and a half now, but I am yet to find a product that will get rid of it in less time! This is a nice thick moisturiser that you can actually feel soaking into the skin, and a little bit goes a long way so this bottle will last a decent amount of time. I think for Summer or days that I would want to wear foundation I would need a lighter moisturiser but I haven't got around to trying Skinfood's Light Moisturiser yet.
Because I don't wear foundation, I don't wash my face at night (Probably a bad thing, but my skin is too sensitive for too much washing) so instead, I wash it in the shower after the gym in the morning. I use the Skinfood Cleans All cleanser for this. I have been using this for probably about two or three months now and really love how it leaves my skin. Before that I didn't really wash my face but I felt the need to start. It has never once made my skin irritated, instead it leaves it so smooth. It also helps reduce pimples from sweat. Because I have never tried another cleanser I can't do any comparison, but I have never felt the need to try a different one so maybe that in itself is a good thing.
Every second or third day I like to exfoliate my skin with the Exfoliating Scrub. I don't do this too often as that is how my skin gets delicate and more easily irritated, but I have found that even every second day does a great job without affecting me. I use this on my face, but also on my upper arms. I love this product heaps. Its not the best exfoliate I have used, but its a great product that I can use often. The other exfoliate that I like more, can only be used once a week or so as it is quite harsh. I just need to say again, the scent of this is to die for! Just as a side note, please be aware that I have the old packaging of this product. The new packaging does flow with the rest of the line.
Lastly, I have recently got the Mud Masque. I cannot comment too much on this as I have only used it two times, but so far, so good. It does not smell how you would imagine a mud mask to smell, it is beautiful. I have never really used a mud mask before so I also can't compare. However, it does leave my skin smooth, visibly more glowing, and reduces my red blotches. I wear it while I am in the bath and it dries to a hard mask which you just have to rub off with a flannel. This one also didn't rash me out, however on the spot of rash I already have, it did make that worse so the second time I didn't put it near that spot and it was fine.
All in all, I love this brand so much! The values, the products and the price are all perfect for me which is very hard to find. I can't believe that I have finally managed to find a brand that I can trust everything in their line to not irritate my skin, and still make me content in knowing that by using this product I am not effecting my morals. If you can get your hands on any of these products mentioned, or any of their line, definitely give them a go, and I can tell you now, you will not be disappointed.


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