Schmutz Week 1 Update

Hello! The first week of dealing with a rabbit with broken toes can now be successfully ticked off. Gosh, I was crazy with worry for a couple of days there, and still check on him a lot to make sure he is alright. Make sure you check out the first vet post before continuing into this post! Lucky for you all, I have kept a dairy with updates on each day so that I didn't forgot anything. Before I begin, I would just like to state that I am in no way an expert on this, the latter even as I have never had a rabbit in a cast before. Also, this is based on our experience only, it would be understandable if someone else's experience is completely different. My main reason for doing these updates is in the hope that someone might stumble across them when they were in my situation and just have a little bit more of an idea on what to expect.
I took Schmutz' to the vet on Wednesday the 9th of July. I didn't really write up anything on the night of, but based on my memory he was very dopey, would not eat, and didn't really move. I kept him in my bedroom that first night, and checked on him every few hours. I will just mention now, medicating a rabbit orally is not the easiest thing I have had to do. He was having none of it, and I would have to calm him down by massaging his ears while my partner would try and get a tiny bit into his mouth over and over again until the medicine was gone.
Day 1 (Thursday): In the morning he was having a lot of trouble moving around with his cast, and having trouble toileting as when he would go into his corner, he often was left with his cast underneath his body. He was starting to move around a bit more, and was a bit more perky but nothing like his usual self. He also was only eating a bit of straw and hay, and left vegetables and pellets untouched.
By afternoon he was toileting a lot more easily, but still was very uneasy with the cast. I took him out of his cage to give him some medicine and usually when he is healthy he would not have a bar of me holding him. He would be wanting to explore, and would not sit still. Today was the first time I have held him for more than ten minutes and he eventually started to lick my dressing gown in a grooming way.
Day 2 (Friday): In the morning, he ate the lettuce when I first put it in the cage, and I saw him eating the hay I had put in. He had not yet taken much of a drink since we had got him back from the vets. He was also more alert than on Thursday, but still not reaching his normal level. He also started becoming a lot more friendly towards me, and slowly getting easier to medicate.
Day 3 (Saturday): Today, he was pretty much his normal self. His water bottle had gone down a decent amount, and he had also started eating his pellets.
Day 4 (Sunday): Schmutz had a breakthrough! We didn't have to try and force the medication down his throat, he willingly licked it. This was after we had medicated him however, so he was only licking the empty syringe. He also started playing with his cardboard shoe box that is in his cage. He loves this toy, so it was great to see that he had an interest in it again, and he was flipping it all around his cage.
Day 5/6 (Monday/Tuesday): Schmutz I believe in personality is back to normal by this stage. He is eating and drinking as usual, and although he sometimes leaves some vegetables, I believe that may just be him being fussy. I did buy him special treat hay earlier in the week, but have found that he prefers his usual meadow hay and is constantly eating that. He also now is a breeze to medicate. All we have to do is put the syringe near his mouth and he will come up and lick it down.
Day 7 (Wednesday): Schmutz went back to the vet today for a check up. We didn't have our usual vet today as he was sick, however the vet we saw was very happy with how Schmutz was looking. He was happy with his weight, and said that he looked very healthy. Schmutz has chewed his cast a little bit near the top, and it is becoming a bit stringy, but nothing major. The vet was happy with that and said there would be no need to change it, but we are booked in again next Thursday for a two week check up.

Just some extra notes I would like to put in, but I never marked what day they occurred so I thought I would throw them at the bottom. I have been trying to get the majority of his poos out of the cage each day, as him standing on them with the cast is leaving the bottom a little gross. He still has managed to get a few stuck to it, but they are quite easy to pick off. He also did try and pick at the cast for a lot of the week as I mentioned above. It was never badly, and it still is on today very nicely. This is something to be careful of though, as our vets did mention that rabbits are notorious for taking them off within a couple of days. I was very happily surprised that Schmutz didn't bother.
I am sorry for the long post, but I did want to try and give as much information as I could so that you can understand some little details about living with the rabbit once this has happened. I have found that a lot of the sites only explain the basics of going to a vet and getting them to fix it and not a lot into the day to day problems that may occur. My next few updates will most likely be a lot shorter as he has no real major side effects any more, and is back to being a bouncing bunny. I will keep the updates up until I leave for America, and then I will give a couple once I am back and he has had his cast off for a while.
Thanks for reading :)


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