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September, You Beauty!

Hello Everyone! Today, in New Zealand, is the 1st day of September, and also the first day of Spring. Good bye Winter, I was not a fan of you too much. I have decided to change up my monthly goals a little bit. Now, instead of calling them goals, they are going to be 'Focuses'. I think that calling them goals was not only limiting, but I often didn't get around to achieve them completely which left the spirits a little bit low at the end of each month. I am very excited to be back from America and ready to rip into the new season with DaisyPets.

1. New Series
I have been thinking about this series for the past few months, but with the lead up to my holiday and then my actual holiday I never had time to put all my thoughts into work. This month I want to focus on this new series and get it ready to go live either by the end of September or into October. The main thing I want to focus on is making sure that I have a bunch of good content before I start the series so that I kn…

We are home! (Photo Heavy)

Hey everyone! Such a long time with only one blog post, I do apologize. However, I am home! I had an amazing time in America and experienced so many things that I have never imagined I would get to. The holiday also spurred my imagination  and commitment to Daisypets as a blog and also a community. I can't wait to get back into making quality content and getting to share my love of animals with all you like minded people again.  It's great to be back with my boys. My mum has done an amazing job of looking after them, maybe too good as BMO is looking quite plump. A major notice I have found is that now both BMO and Knuckles run up to people that are walking past their cage. Previously, BMO would only come up, and only after either hearing me rustle food bags, or smelling food. This is definitely a great thing, and I can't wait to continue mums progress with them.  My mother had got quite sick while I was overseas and couldn't leave bed for a week. During this time she …

Event: Jane Goodall

Helllllooo! This post is long overdue! I have been meaning to write it, but as animals got ill, I had to keep putting it off so that I could update you all on the day to day happenings of DaisyPets. Quite a long while ago now, I got to see Jane Goodall live talking about her life and her work. From the get go, I am going to say that if you ever get the slightest chance to see her talk, take it. Even if its hard work to get there, do it. It is such an amazing experience that has literally changed my views on a lot of things in life.
At the venue, there was this amazing group playing music on what I believe to be Marimba's. The group was the Community Music Junction based in the Wellington region. I really liked the music they played and usually I am not a huge fan of live music (weird, I know). It also helped introduce us to the idea of seeing Jane, as it was very African music and took you to a place that made you get all giddy with excitement at the prospect of seeing Jane Goodal…