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Helllllooo! This post is long overdue! I have been meaning to write it, but as animals got ill, I had to keep putting it off so that I could update you all on the day to day happenings of DaisyPets. Quite a long while ago now, I got to see Jane Goodall live talking about her life and her work. From the get go, I am going to say that if you ever get the slightest chance to see her talk, take it. Even if its hard work to get there, do it. It is such an amazing experience that has literally changed my views on a lot of things in life.
At the venue, there was this amazing group playing music on what I believe to be Marimba's. The group was the Community Music Junction based in the Wellington region. I really liked the music they played and usually I am not a huge fan of live music (weird, I know). It also helped introduce us to the idea of seeing Jane, as it was very African music and took you to a place that made you get all giddy with excitement at the prospect of seeing Jane Goodall in person. I think for you all to understand how good they were, you actually need to hear them, so I have placed a clip of them performing over on DaisyPet's FaceBook page, go take a look! You can also like the page if you would like updates to your social media page! I am going to start updating this page a lot more.
From there we were seated, and my gosh, the whole venue was bustling! Once everyone was seated, there was probably five maximum empty seats. It was such a great vibe, and the idea that in my neighbourhood this amount of people were interested in the animals and conservation of Earth was an amazing feeling. That feeling in itself was amazing enough, and from that I can barely describe the feeling that overcame me when Jane herself walked in. I started tearing up, and I have literally no idea why.
In her talk, she discussed her life, her current ventures, her mum and of course, the chimpanzees. The way she talked about her mum was amazing, and I realise its the same exact feeling I have toward both my parents. Jane's mother went to the jungle with Jane when she first ventured in, and I know that if I asked, both my parents would have done a similar thing. I never really put that down to them being amazing, I just thought it was what parents had to do, but Jane opened my eyes to the fact that they don't have to, and a lot wouldn't.
She also discussed her new project, the 'Roots and Shoots' campaign, which is based around the idea of everyone doing something little for the environment around them when they observe something that should be changed. It such a wonderful concept for young children, and adolescents to actually take part in the planet, and make a difference. Not only will it empower them, it will also make a positive improvement to the current environment situation, which to be honest, not many people are.
After her discussion, she said one last meaningful message, and all though I don't know exactly what it said, the atmosphere in the room changed and you could tell that everyone there was thinking a similar thought, 'This woman is incredible' and also 'I want to make a change'. She finished her speech, and the room erupted in applause, every single person in there standing to their feet. I had tears streaming down my face, again, no idea why, but it was such an emotionally charged moment. I looked to my left to see my 6ft boyfriend, also with tears streaming down his face, and to my right another man of similar stature was crying. As I surveyed the room I realised that most people were crying, and it was all tears of joy at this wonderful woman.
After the talk we were invited to purchase a copy of Jane's book 'Seeds of Hope' and get it personally signed by the woman herself. The whole queue I was freaking out over what to say, and didn't know if I should thank her for the work she has done for this world, or say that she is my biggest inspiration. In the end, after all the pondering, once I was beside her and she was signing my book, all I could say was Hi, and Thanks when she handed the book back. Thankfully, my boyfriend was a bit more upfront than me, and thanked her for her work.
As I said at the beginning, if you have the chance to go to one of her talks, definitely go. Even if you are not a fan of her work, the audience and the message that comes across in her words is truly empowering and uplifts the mood.  I want to take the time now to thank Jane Goodall for all the work that she has done for Earth and for the animals and plants living on Earth. I also want to thank her for coming to little New Zealand and having that talk, because it made me realise the potential of what I can do with my life.
Thank you for reading. I have just recently started the 'Seeds of Hope' book, so if you are interested, once I have finished I will write a blog post up about my thoughts around it. So far, it looks to be positive.


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