September, You Beauty!

Hello Everyone! Today, in New Zealand, is the 1st day of September, and also the first day of Spring. Good bye Winter, I was not a fan of you too much. I have decided to change up my monthly goals a little bit. Now, instead of calling them goals, they are going to be 'Focuses'. I think that calling them goals was not only limiting, but I often didn't get around to achieve them completely which left the spirits a little bit low at the end of each month. I am very excited to be back from America and ready to rip into the new season with DaisyPets.

1. New Series
I have been thinking about this series for the past few months, but with the lead up to my holiday and then my actual holiday I never had time to put all my thoughts into work. This month I want to focus on this new series and get it ready to go live either by the end of September or into October. The main thing I want to focus on is making sure that I have a bunch of good content before I start the series so that I know there will never be a time where there is meant to be a new post but I don't have enough content to actually post one. I am sure you will all love this series as it does feature all the animals.

2. Recipes
On October 1st, is what would have been Daisy's tenth birthday. I know that this will be a rough day for me as it will be the first birthday where she is not with us, but I want to try and make it a more positive time. I want to focus on practicing a few dog birthday treat recipes, and also look at trying to make a small animal version so that on her birthday, everyone gets to celebrate her life, and enjoy a treat! I have a dog cookbook from when Daisy was younger, but haven't made anything in years so it will be a good chance to try out some new recipes. If I find any great ones, I will definitely in the near future make a full post on it.

3. Posting More Content
I would like to focus on getting more posts onto the blog in the month of September. I have been lacking of late, but since my trip, I am more excited than ever to get this blog to a place where people come to share their love of animals, and share knowledge about them. I have a lot of ideas for posts, but am at the moment just doing final touches on the posts to make sure I am posting stuff that people will enjoy. I definitely will have a haul this month, along with a book review, and a Schmutz update. If things go well, I will also have a product review!

These will be my focuses for the month of September. Since being back, I haven't yet managed to get the time management one hundred percent perfect, but I am on my way. I know recently there has been no pet posts, and I am sorry. It has been hard to find time to get photo shoots, and new products tested. I will have one up this week featuring everyone, and have many more planned. Thanks for reading :)


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