We are home! (Photo Heavy)

Hey everyone! Such a long time with only one blog post, I do apologize. However, I am home! I had an amazing time in America and experienced so many things that I have never imagined I would get to. The holiday also spurred my imagination  and commitment to Daisypets as a blog and also a community. I can't wait to get back into making quality content and getting to share my love of animals with all you like minded people again. 
It's great to be back with my boys. My mum has done an amazing job of looking after them, maybe too good as BMO is looking quite plump. A major notice I have found is that now both BMO and Knuckles run up to people that are walking past their cage. Previously, BMO would only come up, and only after either hearing me rustle food bags, or smelling food. This is definitely a great thing, and I can't wait to continue mums progress with them. 
My mother had got quite sick while I was overseas and couldn't leave bed for a week. During this time she obviously wasn't able to have Schmutz out of his cage. After she got better, he managed to scratch her, and would kick at every chance. Once she had him in her arms, he wouldn't settle and kept trying to jump off. We both figured this was cause he was holding a grudge about not being let out. When I got home, I grabbed him out and immediately he fell asleep on me, and gave me the occasional lick. I even let him run around and he came racing back up to me for a quick cuddle before running off again. I don't know what this means. Being the animal lover I am, I always knew that individual animals had different personalities and feelings but I never thought that a rabbit would be able to differentiate between two humans. I am not sure if Schmutz did miss me, and realised who I was when I was back, or if he just was having a good day. Either way, its nice that he is in a better mood now.
That all being said, for this blog post I am just going to show you all some photos of my trip. Make sure you follow us on both Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with little updates. Other than that I will be regularly updating from now on, so keep tuning in. 
Thanks for reading :)



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