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Book Review: Through a Window

Hey everyone! While I was holidaying in America I picked up this book 'Through a Window' written by the amazing Jane Goodall. If you have read my post from when I went to a talk that Jane Goodall hosted in my home town, then you would know how much of an inspiration she is to me and how much I look up to her. I was so excited to find one of her books as I haven't been able to find any of her books in New Zealand apart from the one I bought at her talk. I feel I am reading her books all out of order as this is her second novel with her first one being 'In the Shadow of Man'. If I ever find a copy of that book, I will definitely pick it up as well.
'Through a Window' is based on the thirty years that Jane spent with the chimpanzees of Gombe, she tells us stories of how the chimpanzees interact with each other, and the world around them. You read stories of life and death, compassion and anger, love and hate all made to make you understand a little bit more ab…

Little Chintas Haul

Hey! I am so excited for this post today. I have finally got my hands on some of the products that Little Chintas make! If you read the Small Pet Wishlist #1 that I made, you would know how much I have been wanting these toys. I made an order on a Sunday and recieved the package by the next Friday, which for New Zealand Post is a great time frame. I was going to film an 'unboxing' video, but I couldn't wait to open the package, that I ended up ripping it open when I first got my hands on it. I did film a haul of it though, so if you want to trot on over to the DaisyPet YouTube channel you will get to see the video. If however, you do prefer reading about what I got, keep reading!
I might have got a bit carried away when I actually started my order, as I was clicking 'cart' on nearly everything. I finally managed to narrow down my selection to what I think would be the best loved by the boys, and the other things will be on my next order judging on how the boys reac…

5 Days of Hay

Hello! I had the idea for this post while I was over in America and couldn't wait to come home to put it together. Owning rabbits and guinea pigs we have to give them hay everyday, and I realised that this would be a great way to add not only variety into the animals lives, but also work out their brain. I know that with me, because its something they have everyday I don't really change up the way they are given the hay. So today's post is going to be '5 Days of Hay' where for five days in a row you give your small pet their hay in a different way. I will admit that I originally was going to do seven days, but I couldn't think of enough different ways to give them hay that I had to change it to five. That is why I have decided to get other bloggers and YouTubers involved so that not only can I get more ideas from their different ways, so can everyone else and hopefully it means that more small pets are getting mental stimulation.
Day 1: Toilet Roll I started off …

Schmutz Final Update

Hey! You may or may not know that my mini-lop rabbit, Schmutz broke two of his toes a couple of months back. If you are unaware of the situation, the first post is here, and the first week update is here. I was meant to do a bit more updates, but nothing really happened and he acted like normal. I have decided that this post will just round everything up and tell you a lot about what happened.
First off, he broke two metatarsals in his back foot. Our vet said if he had broken a third one, it would be a much different story for him and very difficult to fix. Our vet did have to take x-rays to confirm it was only two toes, and also to confirm how they were broken before he could decide whether it would be okay just to splint the foot, or if he would have to do surgery. Thankfully, Schmutz only needed the splint, but bear in mind he did have to be put under anesthetic to get the splint on.
After that, Schmutz had to take anti-inflammatory medication twice daily for three weeks. I will adm…