Little Chintas Haul

Hey! I am so excited for this post today. I have finally got my hands on some of the products that Little Chintas make! If you read the Small Pet Wishlist #1 that I made, you would know how much I have been wanting these toys. I made an order on a Sunday and recieved the package by the next Friday, which for New Zealand Post is a great time frame. I was going to film an 'unboxing' video, but I couldn't wait to open the package, that I ended up ripping it open when I first got my hands on it. I did film a haul of it though, so if you want to trot on over to the DaisyPet YouTube channel you will get to see the video. If however, you do prefer reading about what I got, keep reading!
I might have got a bit carried away when I actually started my order, as I was clicking 'cart' on nearly everything. I finally managed to narrow down my selection to what I think would be the best loved by the boys, and the other things will be on my next order judging on how the boys reacted.
I first got the Sunburst for Schmutz as he is currently in the mood of ripping up anything and everything. He gets a cardboard box in his cage for him to do this, and usually that box will last a couple of weeks. Of late however, it has lasted less than 5 days so I knew I needed to pick something up urgently. The great thing about this toy, and actually all the toys from Little Chintas is that you can hang it by getting the optional hook attachment, or just have it floating around their cage. Knowing how much Schmutz loves to throw things when destroying them, I think I will place them on the ground to begin with. The sunburst is made out of bamboo shredders, and also either cardboard or wooden disks attached in a circle.
The Firecracker is on a similar line as the Sunburst, it is made out of the bamboo shredders, the same disks and then wooden beads. This is one of the toys that I think I will hang as its in one straight line. I am hoping that this one might last a bit longer than the Sunburst but is still there if Schmutz wants to rip something apart. I was also thinking that if they didn't end up liking the toys, I could put vegetables or hay into the end of each bamboo shredder to make it interactive and hopefully gain some interest.
Crunchy-Munchy I couldn't resist. It is so crazy with so many things to discover for Schmutz. I think I am most excited to see Schmutz' reaction to this toy. It has the same bamboo shredders but then also has wood wool stuffed into the shredders and knotted sisal rope all over it. What I like about this toy is that even though it is built in one line, the shredders twist and turn, they are not rigid in place, which I can imagine Schmutz really enjoying.
The last toy I got was the Mega Stuff-It. This is the one toy that I got for the Guinea Pigs as I have seen so many videos and blogs where people talk about guinea pigs loving willow toys. In New Zealand we have a very short supply on willow toys, actually to be honest Little Chintas is the first willow toy I have seen. Based on that, this was the first item in my cart, and also the first item to be a definitive yes to buying. The willow ball is stuffed with meadow hay and once that has been eaten, I am thinking I will put some of my red clover hay into it as a special treat.
I saw the Rose Hips and thought I may as well pick them up for a little experiment. I have read lots of places how great rose hips are for guinea pigs since they are so high in vitamin C. I have my fingers crossed that the boys love these, as I am always looking for new ways to make sure they are getting enough vitamin C. I think I will also share them with Schmutz as an occasional treat.
Lastly, but most excitedly, I got the Guinea Pigs a cuddle sack! This is my first polar fleece item for the guinea pigs and I am most excited. I was asked which patterns of material I would like, but because I have no real theme for my cage, I told her boy colours were best and to surprise me. I love what she came up with! This red and blue pattern is amazing! The work itself is so wonderfully done, and I can just imagine BMO curled up inside this. I think I will be ordering a lot more of these in the future as I haven't found another person/business in New Zealand that actually makes these.
I just want to mention how amazing the Little Chintas company is. Not only do they rescue Chinchillas and make great toys, treats and polar fleece items, they also make food mixes for a lot of small animals. Now these food mixes have taken into account what the animal needs, and formulated to improve their wellbeing. This is great to see as a lot of companies have no idea what they are doing when putting together small animal feed. I am really looking forward to purchasing some food in the near future from them. The owner is also such a wonderfully friendly woman, and put up with me messaging her multiple times about her products. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in New Zealand looking at picking up some small animals goods.
Thanks for reading :)


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