Daisy's Memorial

Hey! On the 15th of October it was the first anniversary of Daisy's death. This time last year was horrible, and the day matched it. I remember being inside crying while mum was out in the poring rain digging a hole that kept filling with water. This year however, Daisy had put on the sun for us and it was getting to a hot temperature.
I was sick this year, so I couldn't do much for her memorial which is a shame. Diego and I went up to her grave, where we planted a new daisy plant to bring flowers back to the grave. We then went for a quick walk along the route that me and Daisy traveled most afternoons. It was such a lovely walk, I hadn't walked it for a long time so it was nice to reminisce on what life was like.

I decided that to celebrate Daisy's one year memorial, I would give you some more information about the dog that inspired it all.
I got Daisy for my tenth Christmas present, and she was definitely the best thing that had ever happened to me. She was a Bichon Frise crossed with a Tibetan Spaniel. From there, we went everywhere together. She traveled the country with me, and explored many of New Zealand's bush walks and native tracks. When Daisy was just eight months old she got hit by a car, and had to get surgery to bolt her hip back together. We were told that because of that accident she would have arthritis by the time she was three. Daisy surprised them all and never once got arthritis for her entire life. Another highlight in her young life was winning a dog show. It was called the 'Moggy Dog Show' and it was just for everyone to have fun with their dogs. There was events like 'Waggiest Tail', 'Best Recall' and 'Look-a-like', and Daisy managed to not only get many awards in the events, she won the whole show and got a trophy for a year, as well as a huge prize pack.
Daisy was not an easy dog, not in the slightest bit. When out walking, she had to be walked on a leash because of her dog aggression, and the fact that she would just run and run and run and never stop. She also would run away from home if she ever got the chance, and many of my teenage years was spent chasing her through the streets. Even with these problems, we were inseparable. She was the most loving dog, and would always come sleep on my lap while I was doing homework or watching tv. She knew when I was upset, and would come sit with me and let me cry into her. We shared a bed every single night, and she even slept under the covers in the cove of my legs during winter.
Her last month was horrible, she got sick and never really got over it. It slowly just got worse, and the vets couldn't work out what was wrong. Turns out in the end it was her liver that was failing and slowly the rest of her was failing with it. It was at that point where I started thinking about when is the right time to put down a dog, and boy its a tough decision. I think its one of those things that when it's the right time, you will know and before that there is no point stressing about it.
We went on a road trip to get my little sisters from my dads. We were to meet them half way up the country and decided to bring Asha and Daisy along for the ride. It was an amazing trip, Daisy had her head out the window a lot, and we stopped at a little dog park which had agility equipment. Daisy ran around like old times and was so happy on our trip. Two days later, we had to put her down, she was 9 years and 2 weeks old. I went to the gym and got texts that Daisy had gone into a seizure and hadn't come out of it.
We went to the vets where they got her to stop seizing but she never really came out of that state and I knew then that is when I had to say goodbye.
I am so thankful to have had her in my life. I learnt so much from her, and she has inspired me to do everything I am with my life. There is nothing like a first dog, and I will never be able to replace her. She is in my thoughts daily. One of my favourite sayings is 'Be the person your dog thinks you are' and it couldn't be more true. Even though I was probably not the best owner, she still looked up to me and loved me so much. I am so happy that I have all our memories together, and urge everyone to appreciate the animals in your life because they can go so quickly. Thank you for reading :)


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