Dinosaur Exhibition

Hello! Today we went to our local Museum which is currently holding an exhibition all about the Tyrannosaurus family. It was intriguing to find out that there is more than just the T-Rex under the Tyrannosaurus name, and they all have five similar features which make them a Tyrannosaurus but they do range in size. As everyone, I have always known about dinosaurs and their previous existence but it's not until you look at these skeletons do you really think about them roaming the earth. These were the animals that used to be, and it's strange that they might have continued to be if something didn't happen to them. What I wonder is, that if they did survive, would we as humans have flourished as well as we have? The same applies for all animals as well, if the dinosaurs were still around would have dogs evolved as much of they have, would certain animals still exist, and some not exist that do now? I guess these kind of questions could also apply to most of history, but as a pet lover it really got me thinking about the pet side of things. With that being said, here are some photos from our trip. Hope you enjoy :)


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