First Weeks with Diego

Hey everyone! If you hadn't already seen, but DaisyPets has a new member in our midst and it is Diego the puppy! He is a Miniature Dachshund crossed with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, weird mix I know. We have already got a video up on our DaisyPets YouTube Channel which just introduces him to you all.
Don't get me wrong, I love Diego and am so happy that I have him in my life, but gosh is he hard work! I thought I was prepared to bring a puppy home, all year I have been planning this, studying this and making sure that I knew what would happen when I finally introduced a new pup into our lives. I was totally wrong. I was used to adult dogs, dogs that knew basic behaviours, I hadn't had a puppy in ten years.
Getting up twice in the night was a hard thing to get used to. We have crate trained Diego so during the night he will sleep in there, but I need to let him out to go toilet. We have now dwindled it down to only one toilet break during the night, but that is still hard. Especially when he would much rather play than do any business.
I think after that, the next thing I was unprepared for was not being able to relax for one second without having to make sure that Diego was with us and wasn't needing to go toilet or chewing anything. To begin with, I lacked whatever skill is needed to do this, so often I would find Diego licking Schmutz through the bars, or chewing on one of our shoes in the lounge. I think I have found that knack now though, and have found a baby gate helps A LOT in keeping him near me. We still have a long way to go with toilet training, and his chewing but we are on the right track.
For some reason, I had always assumed that getting a dog to like a collar and lead would be a simple task. Not for Diego. He has obviously never had anything around his neck so to even get him to wear a collar and be comfortable was a task. Now trying to teach him to accept a lead is another ginormous task in itself. We still are no where near having this mastered.
I don't want this post to be all negative though. I enjoy waking up to his little puppy breath in the morning, and we often do cuddles in bed after we have taken him outside. I like coming home from work and him bounding up to me, slightly sideways with his puppyhood swagger. I like him coming to give me cuddles on the couch while I am writing new blog posts or watching other YouTubers. I like seeing him grow up to a much more confident and happy pup. I like seeing him teach Asha how to play, and seeing them flying around the house with a toy shared between their mouths.
I also want to mention that he is a quick learner and is so eager to please. He already knows sit, down, come when call, stay (Still a learner at this, but he is quick to pick up the concept) and we are currently learning target. I am so happy albeit tired to have him in my life, and to take him through all these new experiences. Keep up to date with all things DaisyPets and Diego by following us on all our social media channels. All usernames are DaisyPets.
Thanks for reading.


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