Hey everyone! Like usual, I am going to do my October Focuses however for October I am changing everything up a little. I am going to call it Postober and the reason why that is, is that for this month I will be posting every Thursday and Sunday and will have a new video up on our YouTube channel every Tuesday! This is going to be New Zealand time, so depending where you are in the world, it might actually come out the day before. I hope you enjoy all the new posts that will be going up, I have already planned out each post I am going to be writing and I literally am so excited to put more posts out there.

Before we begin the Postober, I am going to do a round up of last month's focuses and how I went!

1. New Series
Unfortunately this was put on the back burner when Diego came into our home. I am now tossing up whether I actually like this series, and that you guys would enjoy it or not. So I am sorry to say, that this will not be featured in Postober, but it may come out in the future if I decide that it is something you would enjoy.

2. Recipes 
Let me just begin with saying that I am an awful baker, and can manage to ruin any and every recipe. That being said, I tried some dog recipes from my dog cookbook, and they ended up being massive fails. Daisy's birthday was yesterday and I unfortunately failed at my baking so the dogs ended up with just some treats from our September Bow Wow Box. I found a great recipe on YouTube for the small pets, which worked amazing so if you are interested in seeing me recreate that recipe, leave me a comment. I will continue to try and master a dog treat recipe for you all.

3. Posting More Content
I think I done quite well at this focus. I only got four written posts up but I did also get three videos up for you all. A haul, an unboxing and a meet Diego. I have really come to enjoy making videos so I am going to do a more even mix of videos and posts from now on. I want to make sure all the content I am posting up is worth its while though, so after Postober, if something is a little late to come up, the reason is I am holding it back to improve it.

Thank you for reading and come back each Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday of October


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