Product Review: Harringtons Training Treats

Hello! In our September Bow Wow Box we received a packet of the Harringtons Training Treats. Before this, we have only ever once tried Harringtons Dog Food for the schnauzer before we found Acana for him so I was excited to see what this brand had to offer. Also, we have only recently started seeing this brand at our local stores, so I think that this has only started to be brought into New Zealand.
So these treats have no artificial colours or flavours, no soya, dairy or added wheat and are also cereal free. The main ingredient is Poultry meal, followed by Potato starch and Beef Liver digest. It also lists only 7 products which makes up these treats, and they are all understandable products. I like that their isn't much ingredients as some treats have the longest list of unpronounceable ingredients that I can only imagine are additives and preservatives.
My favourite thing about these treats is the consistency, they are solid enough that you can handle them and store them and they will maintain their shape, however they are also soft enough that I can break them into littler pieces for Diego. The size is perfect to cater to different size dogs. You could use them unbroken for adult or large breed dogs, and then break them in halves or thirds for the small breed dogs and puppies. At the moment, I am breaking the treats into thirds for Diego and halves for Asha and these are the perfect size! When walking Diego I have been taking these along recently for training his recall and heel and they manage to grab and keep his attention even amongst distractions. I have even have had other dogs rush up to me and show me some of their tricks in hope of a treat falling their way.
I have also been using these treats at home, to begin Diego's basic training. I have trialed a couple of different treats with Diego so far, and these are one of the few that he loves. They aren't a treat that takes him long to chew, which means I can keep his attention on the task at hand, and they are also not messy that they leave crumbs or residue on the floor. I would also to mention that I am very impressed with the size of this packet. I have used this for multiple days worth of trainings and walks with the dogs, and still have a huge amount left in the packet.
If you hadn't guessed, I really love these treats! I haven't yet seen these treats in any stores in New Zealand so I am going to be very upset if I cannot find these again. I think the moment I see these in a store, I will be buying another five packets, that's how strongly I believe in these treats! I would like to thank Bow Wow Box for having such a great product in their box and for supplying us with a full sized product! I think that UK readers should definitely go grab a pack of these to try cause I know you will love them, and if you are from overseas and have seen the packets but never picked them up, I say go get them!
Thanks for reading :)


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