Product Review: Little Chintas Cuddle Sack

Hey everyone! If you checked out our Little Chintas Haul Post you would know that we have finally got the guinea pigs a polar fleece cage item! We picked up the Cuddle Sack which is the polar fleece 'pocket' which the guinea pigs can sleep in, on or under. I have been seeing these all over YouTube and have been wanting one for so long, but didn't know how I could get one over in New Zealand so I was so happy that I was able to pick one up. I didn't know what colours to chose so I asked for boy colours and got this awesome blue and red design.
The actual product is really well made. There are no obvious seams that are sticking out, and it is a really thick polar fleece. I put it in the wash and got such a surprise when it turned out to be one long rectangle that you just push in to make it into a sack design. I don't know if they are all made like this, but I think it such a genius idea as it makes the material even thicker and draws the dampness away from the pigs. I have washed it a few times now and it has held up remarkably well, especially considering that my washing machine seems to be a torture device to most clothes. BMO is always in this and I haven't yet touched it and it felt damp. Straw and fur do love to cling to it though, but that is expected and the straw is easy enough to get rid of. The fur is a bit harder, but having pigs with fleece you have to deal with that. It also hasn't yet faded which I think is a great plus.
Pig testing was a bit harder. To begin with they had no idea how to use this new home, and BMO spent a lot of time resting on top of it, where as Knuckles went for the bury underneath it method. Finally, after me adjusting the cuddle sack every time I walked past, BMO picked up the idea and now understands how to open it up with his nose so he can slip inside. Knuckles still hasn't quite understood the concept, he will only ever go in once he has forced BMO out once BMO has opened it. I don't think I have ever seen a happier and more relaxed pig than BMO once he is all tucked up inside. I am so happy that I finally got around to purchasing one, I think it has been my best small pet related purchase in a long while.
I emailed Rebekah from Little Chintas about the possibility of getting another sack, but this one made with boning at the entrance so that Knuckles will have his own personal one. She said yes, and I am making another order for a boned one in the next week! I am so elated that she would go out of her way to get boning for us so that she can complete our order. It shows what a wonderful woman is behind this company, and I am more than happy to support her, and the chinchillas she rescues. I am definitely going to be stocking up on a lot more of these in the future, and may even try and fit Schmutz into one if I am lucky.
All in all, my recommendation is that if you are from New Zealand go to right away and order yourself one (By the way, my size is the medium option). If you are from overseas, and have no polar fleece items for your pigs, I recommend that you Google a seller of these, as this product has really changed my pigs comfort levels for the better.
Thank you for reading :)


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