Pups on Holiday!

Hey! This last weekend, we packed up our car with both the dogs and headed for a long weekend at Mount Maunganui in New Zealand. This is Diego's first road trip, and the actual drive is about 7 - 9 hours long so we were really testing him with this drive. I was not really worried as every time we are in a car, he just falls straight to sleep, and this time was no different! He did have a slight car sickness when we got there, but nothing bad, and he was zooming around the back garden in no time.
It was great spring weather while we were up there, so we went on lots of walks and adventures in which Diego held his own perfectly. Asha was also surprisingly calm during all our trips. Diego's favourite new past time is running up the sand dunes, and either running down really fast, or jumping off.
While we were up there, we also picked up a new camera that we have been looking at for a while! So we did get a bit snap happy, but here are some of our shots from our trip and I hope you enjoy.

We went down to Papamoa beach, where we met this beautiful dog who Diego made best friends with. They both went off on an adventure down the beach together, and we were just a forgotten memory for Diego. 

After the beach we dropped Asha off at Paws N Play  to get a new haircut as he was beginning to get a little scruffy. Boy were we impressed with the result! The price was very reasonable, much better than prices we have paid previously and he came home with this awesome bow tie on! I don't think I have ever smelt Asha smelling so clean! I definitely recommend them if you are looking at getting your pooch trimmer and live near Papamoa. 


We then went to Karangahake Gorge where we spent most of the day. It was such an amazing place to explore. There is a 1900's gold mine within the gorge and there is still lots of landmarks from this which you can walk through and around. It was probably one of my favourite places that I have ever explored. Amongst the river you can also find rare rocks and gems, and it wasn't hard, my younger sister had a huge haul of rocks. Diego was very well behaved here as well, he did have to stay on the lead the whole time but he managed to keep up with us the whole time. Diego is one of those amazing dogs that is actually interested in treats when out and about so we practiced a lot of sits and downs while we were there. There is also a tunnel that goes through the hill, and it was the longest tunnel I have ever been in. It had only a few dim lit lights through it, and I guess we would have been walking in it for ten to fifteen minutes at a decent pace. 


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