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Puppy Training Day 1

Hey guys! Diego and I are currently going to some puppy pre-school classes run by the Dog Guru which is New Zealand wide. We were on the fence as to whether we should go to a puppy class as Diego knows all the basic skills, and we are now looking at tricks, harder basics and basic obedience show skills. I am happy we decided to go though, as it is just cementing what we have learnt at home, and it means that we are practicing around other dogs, smells and environments that he may see in day to day activities.  First day was good, we done sits, downs, and stays all of which Diego completed fantastically. He did get a bit bored in the second half of the day and was preferring to wrestle with his brother than listen to me. 

Product Review: Little Chintas Mega Stuff-It

Hey everyone! This post has been a long time coming, I actually got this toy in early September, and had it in their cage around a similar time. I will be getting a few reviews out in the next few weeks, so that we can get straight into some Christmas themed posts over December. Before I rip into this review, let me start with saying that my guinea pigs are not big chewers. I have had lots of toys rotated between them and Schmutz (my rabbit) and they either leave a couple bite marks, or none at all. I have once seen BMO play with a cat toy ball, but I am not sure if he was actually playing, or more moving it out of his area.
The 'Mega Stuff-It' is a ball made out of twisted willow twigs, with hay on the inside. I knew that the boys would love the hay inside, and decided it could be a great new way to feed them their daily ration of hay. I am not sure if the pictures are showing the true size of this ball, it was easily as big as my pigs! I had also heard from multiple overseas …

Guinea Pig Favourites!

Hey everyone! We are in the midst of editing a video for Carislittlepiggies 2,000 subscriber contest and I decided it would be a good idea to write a blog post about our favourite things for the pigs of the moment as well as the video. I will also make a rabbit favourites in the near future as Schmutz is got a lot of great toys.

Our first favourite is of course vegetables. I try and mix up the type of vegetables they get each day but their definite favourites are red pepper, celery, carrot, apple/pear and any type of leafy green like lettuce or cabbage. I find it interesting how different pigs have completely different tastes in vegetables, when I was growing up the pigs I owned loved broccoli and cauliflower, BMO and Knuckles will eat it, but somewhat grudgingly. They prefer the stalk and the actual flower of these vegetables they try their best to ignore. I personally only feed fruit during clicker training, as it is very sugary, I like to have it as a treat that they know they only…

November already!

Hey! I can't believe that Postober is already over. It seems like just last week that I was planning Postober,  and writing the blog post to go alongside it. Now we are already into November! Time is flying past, in November Diego will be 6 months old, and then in December both Schmutz and BMO are turning 1!
Time for our monthly Focuses! Last month was all about Postober, and making great content to fill the month. This month we are going to focus on training. Diego starts a dog training class in mid November, and I want to do some work with both the pigs and Schmutz.

1. Clicker Train the Pigs
I haven't yet started official clicker training with the pigs. I have done our pre-training which involves getting both BMO and Knuckles comfortable with eating outside of their cage, and eating from my hand. With this work, it means that once we start clicker training, they will pick it up easily I hope. I will just start with target training for this month, and get that perfect base fo…