Guinea Pig Favourites!

Hey everyone! We are in the midst of editing a video for Carislittlepiggies 2,000 subscriber contest and I decided it would be a good idea to write a blog post about our favourite things for the pigs of the moment as well as the video. I will also make a rabbit favourites in the near future as Schmutz is got a lot of great toys.

Our first favourite is of course vegetables. I try and mix up the type of vegetables they get each day but their definite favourites are red pepper, celery, carrot, apple/pear and any type of leafy green like lettuce or cabbage. I find it interesting how different pigs have completely different tastes in vegetables, when I was growing up the pigs I owned loved broccoli and cauliflower, BMO and Knuckles will eat it, but somewhat grudgingly. They prefer the stalk and the actual flower of these vegetables they try their best to ignore. I personally only feed fruit during clicker training, as it is very sugary, I like to have it as a treat that they know they only get when with me and working. I also use lettuce or cabbage during training as I know it is a vegetable that they can gobble quickly.

Next up, is our Cuddle Sacks made by Little Chintas. I don't know how I survived without these up until I got my first one in August/September. They have made the guinea pigs so much more happy, I had never seen any of them relax out before these cuddle sacks. We used to have hard huts that they would hide in, or the tropical fiddlesticks, and at that time I thought those were great also. I have built up my collection to three cuddle sacks now, and rotate them as I can. I am interested in getting different designs, and one day I hope to get some fleece items from the bigger shops in the USA or UK. Knuckles doesn't really know how to use the sacks though, he will only go in with BMO, otherwise he just lays on the top, with BMO in it or not.

Another favourite of ours currently is Little Chintas toys. I have been quite slack and haven't got a review up on any of their toys *slaps wrist* however, we are fans. The pigs have already destroyed one of the toys, and have actually started chewing another. This is a rare thing because my pigs are not big chewers, so any progress on a toy is good progress. I will try and get some posts and pictures up for you all as soon as I can!
As you would have read in our November Post, we have started clicker training the boys. At the start, they have been quite difficult. Apart from dogs, I have only ever trained Schmutz so it is quite different training pigs. BMO is not much of a mover, he is a strange pig, he always has just sat there, and hardly moves, and he doesn't even really make a noise, he is slightly better now that Knuckles is around but still not a typical pig. Anyway, he wouldn't want to touch anything, or move, or even look at my targets so he was hard to train. Knuckles loves moving, but doesn't really like taking food, unless he has it in his mouth for a little while. I think it was about 7 - 10 sessions before they even got relaxed and understanding enough to start to move towards the target. Now, they love it, and I find it such a great chance for us to spend quality time together as I train them separate.
These are our only favourites at the moment. As I said earlier, the boys don't really chew, so I haven't got them many toys or chews. I do rotate toys between the boys and Schmutz, but they never really pay attention to them. I am excited to show you all Schmutz favourite things as he has soooo many more, and they are a bunch more exciting than above. Thanks for reading :)


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