November already!

Hey! I can't believe that Postober is already over. It seems like just last week that I was planning Postober,  and writing the blog post to go alongside it. Now we are already into November! Time is flying past, in November Diego will be 6 months old, and then in December both Schmutz and BMO are turning 1!
Time for our monthly Focuses! Last month was all about Postober, and making great content to fill the month. This month we are going to focus on training. Diego starts a dog training class in mid November, and I want to do some work with both the pigs and Schmutz.

1. Clicker Train the Pigs
I haven't yet started official clicker training with the pigs. I have done our pre-training which involves getting both BMO and Knuckles comfortable with eating outside of their cage, and eating from my hand. With this work, it means that once we start clicker training, they will pick it up easily I hope. I will just start with target training for this month, and get that perfect base for further tricks.

2. Teach Schmutz outside of cage
I made the mistake in clicker training Schmutz while he is in his cage, which means that when he is out of the cage, he pays no attention to me. Over this month I want to start doing work outside of the cage, so that for December we can work on tricks.

3. Teach Diego a trick
I have managed to got a great sit and down on Diego, and also have started stays. This month, I want to do more work on his stays to get them perfect, and also teach him one trick. I haven't decided which trick I will chose to begin with, but at least one would be great! He is a very smart pup, so I think he would pick up any tricks very easily.

4. Posting
My last focus, is to post at least twice each week. I would prefer to do two posts and a video, but I want to be able to successfully do this focus so I will go for two posts a week, and they can be either a video or a blog post. I have a couple of video ideas lined up, as well as some product reviews.

Thank you for reading. If you would like any posts in regards to my focuses, just leave a comment and I will get some footage and photos to show you. Have a great month everyone.


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